Who or what are the Vimoksha Chorus?

Recent news has been somewhat disturbing about the slow increase in attacks by the Vimoksha Chorus - most recently in Seshi VII. I say disturbing for two reasons:

  1. Sansha’s Nation has potentially increased their activity
  2. This group keeps being referred to as a ‘splinter group’ and True Power are still operation their incursions into known space - does Sansha have the same level of control over them as he does True Power and, if not, what is their purpose for these raids?

I may be somewhat a persona non-grata in a number of areas of space right now but have any capsuleers out there seen a pattern in these attacks or have an inkling on what their motives are?

I would especially like to ask those who frequent here that are Sansha loyalists what they know about the Chorus as I would have expected more celebration and fanfare if the Chorus were linked - pardon the pun - to the Nation directly from those individuals.


I…don’t have any answers for you.



So Sansha loyalists don’t know anything about this group? That’s terrifying!

The news seems to be reporting them as a splinter group. But that, to me at least, doesn’t make much sense.

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Sing little birds, sing!

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Why would Sansha’s nation do anything to make its uninformed sycophants any more informed?

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So they don’t end up killing each other and negating whatever the plan in place is, perhaps?

Sometimes there is no plan just another error in their ones and zeros like Gallente and their drones.

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I’ve got an idea and it’s not a nice one. (Sorry.)

So, it’s been reported that the Vimoksha Chorus is a Sansha’s Nation splinter group. That doesn’t make any more sense to me on its face than it does to Evi, and for what I’d guess would be the same reason: Sansha Kuvakei is Nation’s Master. Period. There’s no reason he’d allow any entity so much autonomy as to allow a “splintering” away of any significant number of beings.

It seems the Vimoksha Chorus has made common cause with the Templis Dragonaurs and has staging facilities set up across lowsec for … well, gods know what purpose?

We know Tibus Heth disappeared a while back, apparently having come under attack by Sansha’s Nation. No body found; presumed dead or True Slaved (worse-than-dead). Now, it’s known that Sansha Kuvakei was originally a Caldari national. It’s also known that Caldari cultural programming is pretty hard to shake, even for people who’ve left the State far behind (I’m no exception, and that’s even after getting my memory wiped). Also, there might have been a little bit of sympathy for Heth-haan’s situation: one fallen dictator to another.

Maybe Master Kuvakei got a little sentimental and gave his new minion a little more authority and autonomy than was wise? Or maybe he even actually decided to create a peer-- a Master Heth? There might even be a colder-blooded reason for that last: wreaking chaos on the State, possibly sparking civil war and weakening the CONCORD treaty powers.

(Of course, if that last is what’s going on, the literal hardware might already be in place for reeling the Chorus back in, later.)

Does this sound totally insane?

Evi? What do you think?


You know thinking about it, it doesn’t sounds so insane of an idea.

The Caldari surely values excellency, even our so called terrorists are top of the class.

It took the 5 points of the star to screw Sansha Kuvakei, this level of commitment has not presented itself even with the current Triglavian situation.


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It’s not insane, but it is pretty wild. Like the plot of a late night holo feature. I almost wish it were true.

(I realize I’m not Evi. Sorry.)

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Is fine. I’m especially interested in Evi’s thoughts only because she’s Nation, herself. I don’t even actually expect her to confirm my idea even if I’m right; I’m just curious how she, in particular, will react.

Other voices are very welcome.

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As one of the greatest capsuleer thinkers of all time, I have briefly studied the phenomenon that is the Vimoksha Chorus, and consulted some outside experts on Sansha’s Nation phenomena, and have ascertained the following important Facts™.

The Vimoksha Chorus has its origins in the Fall of Nation in YC 37, when the CONCORD signatories engaged and decisively defeated Sansha’s Nation in the First Sansha War.

With the then apparent death of Sansha Kuvakei, the remaining elements of Nation splintered into small independently operating units. One such unit was led by a True Citizen by the name of Cornelius Sedek. There were many other units, all attempting to enact the Will of the Master Sansha, as best they could.

In the intervening years, these splinter cells of Sansha’s Nation grew slightly apart, due to the slight differences in interpretation of what the Master’s Will was, by the True Citizens that remained in charge of the splinter cells.

True Citizen Cornelius Sedek developed an appreciation for close harmonious singing, the unity of purpose and cohesion of such a musical form being appealing. Other True Citizens took up interests such as line-dancing, synchronised swimming, motorcycle display teams, and other activities where close co-ordination between participants was vital to the art form.

In YC105, Master Kuvakei re-appeared unbeknownst to the CONCORD powers, and began rebuilding and re-integrating the shards of Nation that remained operating. True Citizen Sedek by this point was becoming more and more dissociated from Nation and was unwilling or unable to re-integrate into the resurgent Nation. Master Kuvakei seemingly was not a fan of close harmonious singing at all.

And then in YC112, Kuvakei revealed his presence to the CONCORD signatories and began the Sansha’s Nation War of Resurgence, which continues to the present day.

At some point in the past ten years, Citizen Sedek came to the conclusion that the differences in opinion between himself and the new Master Kuvakei were irreconcilable, and seceded from Nation proper, declaring himself First Citizen of the Vimoksha Chorus.

So the Vimoksha Chorus are a rogue or splinter faction of Nation, with broadly similar technological know-how, and subject to the rule of First Citizen Sedek, rather than Master Kuvakei.

So now you know.
And knowing is half the battle.


They will get all medals on teamwork modalities at the interfactional Olympics.

That is why the major factions classify them as terrorists, so that they can´t compete.

I know far more now than I did before.

In short they are a relic of a dead age. Malfunctioning and in error, they are a hazard to the cluster. I recommend you exterminate them with extreme prejudice.

And do not think there is a possibility for ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ and that because I advocate their destruction that maybe you can find common cause with them. You cannot. They will seek your end. They have only surfaced now to work with the Caldari terrorist organization the Templis Dragonaurs.

If you are curious you may reach out to me directly and I might be able to tell you more. But they are not worth knowing. Sedek and his followers deserve death.

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Definitely curious; will contact.

I guess I haven’t been watching the news as carefully as I should.

This. It’s likely the ‘splinter’ group is all a front, and it’s just a special-purpose segment within the greater Sansha’s Nation network that operates semi-independently while still being completely subservient and loyal to the whole.

The goal? Initially, to establish the pretense of ‘a splinter group’. After all, we’re all looking at this going ‘how does this group splinter, there’s literally machines in their brains to keep them loyal?’. So at first, you send your ‘splinter group’ out to be visible, and be visibly… splinter-y. Like sending out any high-profile individual to become an infiltrator, first you manufacture a very public split to make the thing plausible, or take advantage of one that presents itself, like the one Valerie describes.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Kuvakei looked at the ‘shards’ and decided that the one more ‘distant’ group could serve his purposes in the role of ‘deniable asset’. He already uses infiltrators, after all. It doesn’t exactly take a genius to see the value in having a ‘rogue’ wing that might give false hope to his enemies and be useful for misdirection later.

Then Heth.

Already, we’ve seen you and others speculating about how Tibus Heth, alone of all the Caldari who’ve been taken over the years, might beat the crushing weight of billions of minds. People want to ascribe superlatives to their leaders, even fallen ones, even disgraced ones. They want their leaders to be or have been special, and not just the fortunate schlub who was in the right place at the right time to grab the wheel.

And Heth will, if he were to surface, cause havoc in the State. Provists like Kim will probably openly flock to his side.

There’s no sentimentality here. No ‘Caldari cultural programming has triumphed’. There’s just the insane genius who’s been playing with advanced Jovian tech for decades pulling another insane genius scheme out of his sleeve.


As I understood the nature of the True Citizens, the “loyalty” implanty machiney things are not present in True Citizens, only in the True Slaves.

At the bottom of Nation you have the True Slaves, who are so implanted as to be entirely lacking in free will. Higher ranking True Slaves are progressively more autonomous.
Once you get to the True Citizen tiers, the “leash” as it were, is increasingly long and loose.

Now, Citizen Sedek, being an original True Citizen, has spent far far longer not being part of Nation than being a part of it. I have no information on the nature of Citizen Sedek’s implants, but I would not be surprised if it turned out that they were never implanted with the kinds of loyalty implants that modern True Citizens are equipped with.

So while it is possible that this splinter faction is one of Kuvakei’s deniable assets, I still think there’s a possibility that it’s not.


Or simply not turned up to the same degree. If you were Sansha Kuvakei, and you were building the wetware network that is the Nation, would you be foolish enough to leave that large a point of failure? No intelligent engineer would leave out such a failsafe, and Sansha Kuvakei is an excellent engineer.

Is it possible? Perhaps. But should we take the chance of that? That would be idiotic. No, they cannot be trusted any more than capsuleer toasters can.