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Was curious if there was any known group that was actively working with the Sansha’s Nation / was based in their home regions. I was reading up on their lore and from a sort of In-Character perspective, they’re kind of really interesting “bad guys.” I see Incursions are a way to fight a lot of them, but is there any real way to fight “for” them effectively in a group? Being the bad guy not just from playing like a pirate but following a proper pirate faction seems like a fun way to explore EVE.

I was curious about this from both the gameplay and rp sort of perspective, and the crime and punishment people directed me over here. Anyone know anything about this sort of play-venue?

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:


So a while back I used to be part of a group called True Slave Foundations. It’s not really active now but it used to be an RP-PVP Lowsec Piracy group with a little jump clone outpost down in Stain if you wanted to run missions there. TSF has been around for a while and even fought along side the CCP Dev Actors during the Incursion live events. Even so far as to fly along side Sansha Kuvakei himself. But like so many things, sadly that’s just history now.

There might be a group out there that fits your description but I do not know of it sadly. In EVE I still play in an RP-PVP capacity but I’m with a NBSI pvp group right now that doesn’t really touch RP much, only a little.

So unless there’s a group out there hiding in low or null sec I’m unaware of I don’t really think there is anything out there currently as far as a group actively fighting for Sansha’s Nation.

If you want to, however, there’s nothing stopping you. Contact me directly and I can do my best to answer any questions you might have that might help direct you.


Sure! I appreciate the feedback. I’ll reach out to you sometime when I’m back in game. Thank you!

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