Sansha's Nation Play

(Najila Al-Balawi) #1

Was curious if there was any known group that was actively working with the Sansha’s Nation. I was reading up on their lore and from a sort of In-Character perspective, they’re kind of really interesting “bad guys.” I see Incursions are a way to fight a lot of them, but is there any real way to fight “for” them? Being the bad guy not just from playing like a pirate but following a proper pirate faction seems like a fun way to explore EVE.

This seemed like the best place to post this given they are pirates and raising my reputation with them would likely lower my reputation with other factions, and given I assume they’re in low- or null-sec, I’m assuming there’d be more hostile PvP action. Anyone know anything about this sort of play-venue?

Thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

(Solecist Project) #2

You might want to try asking there instead:

The people who are most likely going to give you interesting answers are the RolePlayers.

(Najila Al-Balawi) #3

Thanks for the follow up! Appreciated and will follow up on it. :slight_smile:

(Solecist Project) #4

You’re welcome! I really hope you’ll find what you’re looking for! :slight_smile: