Only two pirate factions? Others get shafted?

So we’re getting Guristas and Angels able to run incursions. That’s two factions to fight for a given faction in the warzone: example being State vs Fed and Guristas. Three sides in the warzone. But what about the others? Are, say, the Serpentis going to have their own incursions in time? That’ll make three factions the Empires and other pirates would have to contende with. That’s a little crowded, especially since one warzone was shrunk recently.

As a Serp player, that makes me a bit worried that the only pirate factions that are gonna get to take part in this content are Guristas and Angels. Is anyone in CCP willing to put my concerns to rest?

Geez, give them some time.
No reason the other pirate factions won’t be added in later.




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A simple assurance that the others wouldnt be forgotten about would be more than enough for me.

@Kitaula_Kuusa_Jouhinen I suspect the others will be added as well. Maybe they’re just starting with the Guristas and Angel to see how it’s going to work out at release, iron out a few bugs, balance a few things and then incrementally add the others. That way, if something bugs out, they can pinpoint the problem without having to sort through a ton of codes and suffer a tons of headaches.
At least that’s how I would do it.

But if you’re seeking assurance from CCP then good luck. So far that I’ve seen, only 2 members of the CSM participate to this forum and the developers only post official stuff like announcements and the MER.
You may be better off asking on EVE Discord or catch a GM on the EVE website but even that isn’t likely to bear fruits.

Sometimes we simply have to wait and see :smiley:

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Calm down, Felicia, CCP is doing a great job and delivering a lot of good stuff already, just wait for your Serps thing whatever 1 2 3

CCP employees are not stupid, they may take some time to deliver due to resources

I’m actually disappointed by the announcement, that the supposed “chaos” is just about adding two new faction and two new wars into the existing FW framework, which is already over-structured with limitations to the sandbox. And this is only getting worse …

What chaos were you expecting, we’ve already had systems get eaten by Pochven and changes to the map, what more do you think they could really do that isn’t going to screw with things to the degree niarja did?

With the systems coming in Havoc and considering what CCP Psych explained to us on the second day of Fanfest, we’ll most likely will have the other pirate factions.

Blood Raiders with Serpentis perhaps? Not sure about Sansha as Incursions are still a thing.

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But why? An event with Angels and Guristas and a new “faction” is cool already imo.
What do other factions have to do with this? Their lore would allow a new and different type of event.
Do you even need to have a “high” standing with a faction of any kind to play this event? And if you do; good for those that spend the time on missioning. Too bad for me and my high-sec lvl4 standings.

You know, I’ve expected CCP to do some pretty obvious things too. Which is why I feel the need to ask now.

You’re free to ask of course.
Good luck getting a definite answer.

Actually, I’ve got a good feeling that Sansha are going to be doing something interesting, from what I’ve seen in the lore and a few other tidbits of info here and there. But the Serpentis have gotten little to nothing lately. Even in the news blurbs, there’s been less and less news about them doing anything, and the last Serp event, the Gala, was cancelled for… some reason, I don’t remember.

And if you read the news blurbs, S Corp has been getting shafted. Mostly by the mercs that make up the Deathless stealing technology, but also by the Fed during the Intaki invasion. Then there was Upwell not only taking back ORE, but also stealing the tech that was initially the groundwork for Upwell stations. That’s right, the Serpentis developed player stations. Also developed SKINs, that tech got confiscated by a State corp when a freighter smuggling drugs was caught using the tech and it failed while docked.

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Actually doing things to the degree what they did to Niarja.

Having the potential to have some lowsec temporarily with nullsec features is a good direction, but I doubt they will disable Concord in highsec. They only talked about facpo stopping to work IIRC.

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