Pirate faction

So just been watching a known jita ganker that’s joined the angel cartel, so fighting for the angels he is free to attack all amarr and minmatar fw players

Do I have that right .

So working for the angels I take it he will be restricted from going to amarr and minmatar space because faction police will shoot him.

I think this could create some interesting content outside fw for some people

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I was curious about this myself. I figured most people would try angel so i joined guristas. But i have yet to fly to Jita to see what happens. Sorry i cant be of more help

I believe you are correct - I joined Angels and I got the “you are and enemy of the Republic” warning when I flew to Rens and there was a war target in system too.

What I am not sure about is what happens when I enter Caldari/Gallente HS space

That was harsh

Good luck to him trying to attack the Minmil :rofl:

Yesterday Jita had a total chat blackout, Minmils and Caldaris were all around and Angel wrecks started popping here and there

yes it was ! same as the game is … ! and yes its still true !

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It’s faction navy, not faction police.

I thought of all people, an antiganker would know the difference.

The faction navy is also not that big a deterrent from station camping enemy HS for FW targets. So no, he’s not restricted.

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Sorry I meant navy , not going to bother correcting it as something will shoot them in edition to the angels players it seems

Listen up, new blood. Faction Navy webs your target, gives 'em the express ticket to warp out. But don’t fool yourselves; you ain’t grasping the long game here. Right now, you’re skating on fresh standings, but mark my words, that’s gonna flip. When the Navy comes knocking, we’ll separate the players from the boys. We’ll see who’s still standing when the real heat hits. Stay sharp, capsulerrs. The game’s just getting started.

Don’t you have fellow Minmatar in Hek to go shoot? :thinking:

More like jita. Reports off discord has that more fun than usual at times lol.

Quite a few setups on jita undock reported last night when I dipped in game for a bit.

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