o/ Hello Developers at CCP

First off, I would like to thank you for all your efforts and the great work you’ve put in the past year that I’ve played this game. I’m very happy with it so far and have only one minor gripe, which I will adresse at the end of this post.

I’m addressing this post to you so that you can take the following into consideration and hopefully work towards bringing EVE players a wider range of experiences and gameplay.

Could you please work on making some of the Pirate Factions joignable for players who wish to have a different experience beyond belonging to one of the four main ones and working on getting faction standing through missions in NullSec?

And here is my reason for asking. I was hanging out in Help Chat a few hours ago and a new player had a short conversation with a couple of other gentlemen and he asked an interesting question.
He asked if it was possible to join one of the Angel Cartel’s member corporations like Archangels, Dominations, Salvation Angels…
Upon finding out that he couldn’t, he pointed out something that I think is noteworthy:
In the info panel for Angel Cartel, it is mentioned that, and I quote ( as he did ): " The Angels recruit members from all the races, and are thus not bound to any one zone of operation… "
When that new player found out that he could only do missions for the Cartel but not join them, he was pretty disappointed as he wanted to go to Null right away and start his experience in EVE with the Angel Cartel.
When someone pointed out that he’d have to go to Null, his answer was " Yes, I’ve checked the galaxy Map. If I’m going to lose ships I’d rather it be in Null" which is, to me, pretty praiseworthy for a new player.

Another thing that I would like to point out about it.
During the 4th mission of “Cashflow for Capsuleers” we’re sent to have a meeting in space with the leader of a pirate faction. That pirate mentions that his faction is always looking to recruit capsuleers from the main empires as they are better trained than the sorry bunch currently operating with his faction, which inevitably leads new players like that gentleman I mentioned to think that they can join a pirate faction.

I think that working towards making it so that players can join a pirate faction and do missions in NullSec would benefit NullSec and would motivate a good number of new players to move to NullSec, adding new experiences for players, helping with Player Retention and facilitating/adding to some of that Destruction that you wish would more often happen to balance EVE ecosystems.

I thank you for reading this post and am hoping you’d take the idea into serious consideration.

The only gripe I have is the disconnects and freezes that I’ve experienced as of late. They seem to happen more and more often. I’ve experienced 6 disconnects this week, two just today. When I started a year ago I had NO disconnects and the game barely froze if ever.

Thank you so much for working to bring players the best experience in the game and I salute your work and dedication to EVE Online. May New Eden exist for a long time to come.


Man CCP would never be able to pull this off without it being a massive clusterfuck. Have you seen the state they’ve left our current missions in for the better part of 10 years?

CCP is a trash company now. They’re not going to release anything that isnt directly digging in a whales pocket or replacing PvPers with NPCs. They’re a shell of what they used to be.

At this point we should stop asking CCP for new content and instead ask them to properly balance the content we have.

You know they would botch the ever living ■■■■ out of it even if they tried.

That would be a good thing if they did that. I would join a pirate corporation if they allowed it.




j/k - Actually not such a bad idea, but…

  • It has been brought up many times in the past and rejected by ccp (obviously).
  • Even if ccp was now somehow willing to do that, sadly I’m not sure they could implement that correctly tbh.
  • It seems to little me that ccp overall direction now might not leave place for such a thing.

Considering what CCP is testing right know. I doubt that there will be any push in this direction.

Also. The only image I see as starting new character in NPC null. Is pile of new player wrecks at undock from 24/h camped station. And having them starting in hisec would be pointless.

:rofl: that was funny as hell.

How hard could it be though? The mechanics are already in the game. All they’d have to do is do the same thing that already exists for the main empires.

I just hope their overall direction isn’t a black hole. I like this game.

Idk if I got this correctly … so when a new player starts the game he should have the option to join the pirate factions along with the 4 highsec empires that you can already choose . Basically I can choose Angel Cartel for example and be in one their NPC corps and start the game in Curse 0.0 NPC region right ?
Erm… i don’t see how this is going to work for a new player … Those NPC stations in all of those 0.0 NPC regions are just going to be permanently bubbled and camped… I guess it will go well if you just want to do Project Discovery in the game.

Also I don’t see the point here , he can make friends and move there with their corp or join an existing one there .


I guess they’re just gonna have to git gud.


You can already grind missions for them in null, they have agents, this will however lower your security status which will have its own consequences

And it wouldn’t really be any different other than people being spawned in null as free targets, so that isn’t going to be an option really

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I think this is a fine idea.
Personally however I would like to be able to not be in any corporation at all.
The only use I have for corporations is the hangers which I occasionally use as a sort of folder system for my crap which I have a fair amount of.
I’ve mentioned this in other threads only to be told that I was “obviously missing the point of Eve and to go play a single player game” which I found absurd to say the least.
Having a corporation with one person in it is the only option in Eve, and while it works, it’s still a corporation, something I want nothing to do with and aside from the utility of the hangers something I find useless.
I can see the Caldari forcing everyone to be in a corporation, that would almost make sense, but personally I would like out.
People have asked what I would do without the social interaction, and the answer is simple, I would keep the chat windows I do use open and not have to close the corp window I never ever use. Yay, less spam. Done.
As far as the pirate factions, or other NPC corps, joining them could actually be fantastic for a lot of reasons but the one that I’m most interested in is lore, learning their backstory by being part of them could be really really cool. The lore in Eve is amazing and very few people pay any attention to it in their quest for isk and bigger ships and so on, to me however the lore is far more interesting and if people were involved in it it could make the game a lot more immersive.
There’s nothing quite as obnoxious as cloaking outside of a facinating site in the drone lands and reading all the stuff there while someone in pandemic horde who thinks everyone is a guy gives you hell about the size and girth of something you haven’t got because they can’t find and kill you. This has happened to me, so there’s that, and it’s not just them, Goons and CODE as well behave like that too, part perhaps why I don’t want anything to do with corporations.
Something that I’ve also always wondered is what is the point of being in a corporation if you aren’t really slowed to help each other when it matters in highsec? I got attacked while in a fleet in highsec and when a corporate tried to help me she got killed by Concord, to me that seems like a fairly stupid mechanic.
I have a few alts, they more or less all have their own corporations and all those corporations do is add a ton of crap I don’t use to my user interface. They otherwise have no impact on how I play other than making me have to close useless chat windows on login.
Something the original posted mentioned fascinates me though, and that is how far it could be pushed, if you know anything about lore you will understand this:
Take Sancha’s Nation for example, what would joining them actually mean? Well, it would mean volunteering to become a cybernetically enhanced slave to the Nation itself and THAT could lead to all sorts of interesting gameplay in my opinion. If you don’t know about them read this:

That’s just an example, and I have some ideas about the specifics of how it could work, be not only fun for the person joining them but for other players who have not.

Another example is Rouge Drones, how would that work, joining them I mean, you obviously can’t really become a drone so what could you be instead? How would it work, would you become an ambassador of some sort, or perhaps spy for them? Their lore is equally facinating, and being a member of the Route Drone… Um… Family? Could be really really neat.

Using those two, and there are far far more the drawbacks would be things like having instant enemy’s much like joining a faction warfare militia, but could also have a lot of benefits, in the case of Sanchas Nation it could consist of having access to (or being forced to use) unique cybernetic implants, that enhance some abilities while adding constraints of some sort. Perhaps the loss of all access to social skills, with possibly the addition of a new set unique to them as a faction, training obedience to level V for example could enhance the effectiveness of your implants maybe.
In the case of Rouge Drones you could gain access to the use of unique drones, the ability to use more of them than the current limit of five while losing access to the drone skills you have now in exchange for another unique to them skill set. This in essence could make you resemble the functionality of a Sentient Rouge Drone or something. The drawback here would be that just about everyone would be your enemy.
All this is just an idea I don’t expect to see implemented, like ever, but it could be cool.
Still though, I would just like to be me with no corporate affiliations of any kind other than perhaps standing for helping or hindering the corporations of others be they NLC or player corps.

Now that I’m thinking of it, the Blood Raiders could be another nest one if your primary goal was to hunt down and kidnap other capsuleers to abscond their blood.
Imagine being captured and enslaved by the Amarr, you could have a few goals there, rise in the ranks and gain usefulness to your pious masters, or be hell-bent on liberation and gain standing with the Minmatar for helping others and eventually yourself escape.
This is a bottomless pit of potential actually…


You summed up everything I think on the subject with one post.


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