(New) Character Creation System is absolute garbage (Pictures inside)


Recently activated a new account and discovered a “new” or maybe “beta” character creation screen that is awful.

It doesn’t start off too bad, though the map is oriented to the south rather than north like all other maps ever. You pick your starting race as normal.

This is where things derail. You are asked to select a school (starter corp) with brief descriptions of each, but there is no bloodline selection.

You are then asked to selected a body type. Boy or Girl. Again no bloodline. The discerning eye my note that despite selecting Minmatar Repubic I am choosing between what appears to be a gallente male dressed in Caldari/amarr clothes and a Caldari Woman in half Gallente/ minmatar clothes. When attempting body modifications, such as facial tattoos or clothing, I am only provided with gallente options, despite selecting Minmatar Republic.

After hitting randomize a few times I got this very authentic Minmatar pilot. No options to do a portrait.

I don’t know what this character creation system is, but its NOT what should be presented to new players. This represents reduced agency and choices, and muddles the in-universe lore and story. Not a good way to start people off. I cannot get to the creator that existing accounts are using. I do not want to make a BS character with this unintelligent, half baked, dodgy character creator.

DO NOT make this a game feature.

For clarity: This is live on TQ.


Wow. Just… Wow.


That is not a Minmatar. I’m very sure Minmatar don’t look like old pale bishops :innocent:


Damn it CCP. What have you done?




I sincerely hope this is a draft only.

EDIT: apparently it’s live on TQ though.


What the hell is this?

CCP why?


This crew of developers is running this game straight into the ground.


Why? Because most of new players think that faction and bloodline matters. They struggle with pointless choice instead trying game. They can try RP after they actually play game for first time.


Bring back the pre Incarna CG I say


Well this is bull ■■■■, and makes my thread in the CSM Assembly hall about more clothing options redundant.

What’s the point of more clothing options, if you’re going to have other options taken away ?


If you notice in the screenshots above, there are notices that the choices you are making do not impact gameplay other than for character building and starting location. There is no reason they cannot have existing choices, with the notifications above them.

This is an MMORPG, but the new creation tool takes away RPG choices.

Also I cannot skip the tutorial and it wont give me my full neocom until I complete it. BIG SAD.


EDIT: when I made a completely new account I got the new character generator, see below.

I started creating a new character on TQ and it does give me the old bloodline choice?

How is the NPC corp you drop to chosen? Is it random or is it one corp per race?

have you created a new account or a new character on an old account, because for my new account it presents me with the new one.

Jump to other system.

If this choices have no impact of gameplay. EVE is sandbox in it’s core. Player have choice if he wants to be interested in Lore in any way.

Also, this is probably A/B testing. Instead of rage, give constructive feedback.

I created a brand new fresh account. Are you using an existing account?

I was, going to retest on a new one soon.

CAN CONFIRM. I am an authentic Minmatar. In no way am I an Amarrian spy infiltrating the tribal inner circle. :shushing_face:


If they don’t care, they can just skip that stuff and click on random things. IF they get overwhelmed by the choices the character creator presents, they have no place in EVE anyway because they are too incompetent for anything. Just as incompetent as people suggestion that a feature should be removed just because a tiny portion of the playerbase is overwhelmed by it.

This is all constructive feedback. Where do you even see rage? Every attribute given to this experience that Mark is suffering through is a perfect fit and perfectly calm and real for anything CCP has introduced in the last few years. This is just another example. If this is really a beta test, they should say so in the creator so that people know what is going on. As Mark put it: Half-baked, not thoughtthrough and very dodgy.