Character Creator needs attention (or a rework)

With the retirement of the Captain Quarters, I think the character creator needs some love. From a player standpoint it seems like it has been on maintenance mode since around the Summer of Rage, or about 4-5 years. Year or two ago CCP did add a couple of backgrounds, but that is pretty much all I’ve noticed that has been done with it since the first year after Incarna - save for possibly some background coding and maintenance not readily evident to us players.

I recall hearing in 2012-2013 or thereabouts that CCP did tease people with being able to mix the races of their character, like adding 10% Civire to your Brutor, or something like that, it was likely thrown around in EVE Vegas or one of the other local EVE gatherings, can’t remember the exact place - but I remember it being teased at some point. Nothing seemed to ever come of it, as is evident.

Anyway, what do I think is wrong with the current character creator/editor?

#1: Portrait options are very limited.
A handful of pre-done poses which at least on female characters tend to look terrible unless you only want to capture just the face+shoulders, and also a few look just plain anatomically painful. Lights are also preset instead of being freely adjustible which means you need to contort your character towards the light if you want to see anything, limiting range of motion or usable poses again.

I remember when the editor was new, it was heavily requested that we could save poses we were really proud of for later possible re-use - this saving could be done locally if need be to conserve data use for CCP. This really needs to happen and actually needed to happen years ago because of the aforementioned limited range of (in my opinion) usable poses which you need to find again each time you use it.

I understand or at least assume these limitations were done in an effort to curtail people making their avatars do “dirty stuff”, but to no avail, I’m pretty sure many of you have seen that (cough) “riding” animation on reddit or wherever. IMO many of these things should be freely adjustable along with say, character haircolors, and let the community handle the policing if they see something incredibly disturbing or lewd, they can report it.

#2: Clipping

Some clothes are clearly not meant to work together, for example my current top clips through the pants despite tucking. Hair tends to clip through high-collared clothes too (and also shoulder flesh). This is quite a big issue in fact since “new” clothes keep being released semi-regularly, they need to be QA’d so that they don’t interfere with each other. And particularly hair going through your face or other fleshy bits has been an issue from day one.

#3: Faux-Physical simulation

You can toggle on physical simulation for clothes and hair. Too bad it is entirely useless because no one else but you will see it, it is only local rendering - the portrait rendering server renders everything in a non-simulated state, resulting in some pretty silly looking non-intended results afterwards.

#4: Customization in general is rather limited, IMO.
There are a set amount of hair selections - I’ve wanted really long hair for a long time because that is my headcanon for my character - but all I have is three semi-long (shoulder length) hairstyles available, all of which look a bit like a mess and hovering, giving the finger to gravity without physical simulation - which as stated above, does not happen with the portrait server.

And faction uniqueness was somewhat muddled with the new character creator - Gallente had see-through clothes, Minmatar had some neat headgear, Caldari had sticks up their you-know-what and so on. Race specific aesthetic is almost nonexistant with the new characater models. There were plenty of awesome, very unique character concept designs that never saw the light of day. You can try googling “incarna concept art” if you want to have a look, though seems most of them have disappeared - I still have a big album of them saved on my HD, but seeing as I don’t know if the artists would want them to be posted, I won’t right now.

#5: Miscalleneous personal annoyances;
Tying up on #4, for my character there’s like 1-2 usable light skin colors, others make my character look like she suffers from liver damage, anemia or that she’s made of chocolate - that is to say, they just look really unnatural. And again these are presets, you can’t even try to mix and match them to try and come up with something that looks okay by yourself.
My character has also developed strabismus somehow over the years, I have not found a way to repair that. Not a huge deal since I think it is kinda cute in a way, but still…

I’m sure other people can come up with other things as well, I know some things pertain to certain races and bloodlines only, so not everyone will have the same problems as I do. And maybe others will have bigger problems than I do.

So, what is there to do? Well, the obvious answer is that these and other issues need to be sorted out, since CCP is still going to sell clothes and race selection was either just redone or will be redone soon.

The character creator has, IMO, languished in development hell for years now, same as the Captain’s Quarters. It needs to either be put out of its misery in favour of a new, more robust system, or some serious development time needs to be focused on it in the near future because IMO CCP can’t just retouch everything else at the beginning of the game (referring to the NPE and aforementioned race selection rework), and keep the old Incarna disaster around as it is now, completely unchanged years later.

Why is this important? Well, looking at the thread about the removal of the Captain’s Quarters, a lot of people need, or at the very least highly value a humanoid avatar to help relate to their characters. We are spaceships most of the time, but at the heart of that spaceship is still a human being, and they need to be represented adequately in the game. EVE has pages upon pages of backstory, races have real history and cultures, and they should be given more representation in the characters themselves.

Now, obviously if they were to redesign the creator/editor, it would have to be done keeping in mind are they ever going to add WIS, so I’m not expecting them to do that anytime soon.

TL;DR: IMHO, the character creator / editor really needs some love, our characters deserve some more personality and connection to their imaginary backgrounds and to be more expressive. Whether the current character engine can do that, well, I don’t know, but at least it should be considered.


Can confirm. Will literally kill someone for you, or prostitute myself for some proper Minmatar awesomeness or cyberpunk clothes, awesome neon hairstyles and glowy tattoos and all the ■■■■■■■ things.

Enough with the crappy clothes and boring arse everything and let us get some proper Eve stuff. Crazy tribal hair styles, new different prosthetics (also, leg ones too because why not?) and so on. Right now, almost everyone looks pretty much the same.

Seriously, more tattoos (and body tats), more hairstyles and so on - all for real life delicious isk surely - and you can name the time and place. I’ll come work the shaft until the damn thing falls off. CCPlz.


Yes, add more resources and demand more power from PC just to people can make more all that “gangsta style” portraits and other weird stuff. In my opinion this need to be more limited since there will be no real place to see your character in full 3D animated style.

Sorry for being rude, but maybe don’t play with a potato? My computer is 6 years old and it could run CC and even the CQ just fine with a 2011 mid-range GPU (GTX 560 Ti). Because it decided to kick the bucket last december I recently upgraded to GTX 1050 Ti, which is 2x more powerful as that one but still fairly cheap as GPU’s go, something like 200 euros, possibly less today.

And obviously if they would focus development time on it, maybe they could look more in to making it run smoother and be more resource-efficient. Maybe - again, I don’t know CARBON so maybe they can’t.


I never understood why they retired the Captain’s Quarters. I always wanted CCP to proceed there. I bumped against the f* station door for years. Why can’t pilots meet in a station ? Why shouldn’t pilots / soldiers / technicans not properly been transported in personal carriers to other stations or onto the surface of any f* planet or moon. O.K. I see slight trouble when I would meet a real ass* at a station bar.

And one more little thing - the last person in space who couldn’t look properly outside a ship or a spacestation was Juri Alexejewitsch Gagarin who orbited a planet called Earth as a first on 12. April 1961. Ever since - when we are in space - we know - who is the a* outside.



I didn’t say I can’t handle this. Just say this is useless in my opinion. There is more to do in game than realization of someone’s fantasy which is difficult to show to others anyway.

EVE now struggle with players outcome and adding some content to main game that will change that is main goal in my opinion. The better portraits will be cool and I like your ideas on this but this is not target number on.


Ok, I see now where you’re coming from, that’s fair. Well, I wouldn’t say this is a #1 priority of course, but it should be pretty high up there seeing for how long it has been outright ignored.

Edit:[removed some stuff from here that was perhaps not as well thought out as it could have been and derailing to boot]


I think if they remade a walking in stations feature, its going to come with a whole new character design system. Kind of like what they did with the old portraits way back in the day (that was before my time)

I’ve got tons of hours into character editor, I like it and it was one of the very best editors I’ve ever used in any game ever. Which is kind of amazing because isn’t this character editor like super old already?


Indeed, but as remaking WiS seems to be off the table for the foreseeable future, the current creator in my opinion and experience desperately needs additional control options and some optimizing and facelifting in general. I remember it having plenty of small fixes (like resource optimization) and changes for about a year, and after that - almost nothing.

Notable exceptions; Four sleeve tattoos in 2013. Couple of headgears/hairstyles for women and men 2014(?), Drifter facial augs in 2016(?) ,3 new backgrounds in 2016. These are still “just” additional customization options, and while welcome additions, they did not improve the character editor itself in any noticeable way during all this time. And I know there has been plenty of other requests in the past than just mine to have work done to improve it.

That said it still is an okay editor and definetly was one of the best around when it was released, but at least in my opinion its age is starting to show, particularly because it has not been iterated upon in years.


Ok, so, a few more notes about this.
I had heard that Black Desert Online had a neat character creator and since it had a week long free trial I went and tried it.

It is at its base a carbon copy (pun intended) of EVE’s current character creator - they most certainly have taken inspiration from EVE when they designed it. However they not only took everything they liked about it, but they improved it.

There are tons more customization available, at a guess something like 15-20 more sculpting areas on the character models, most of them around the body but some on the face that EVE doesn’t have. Eyes, hair, tattoos and makeup are a lot more customizable (length, orientation, color options and so on), even character height and various other bits - entirely customizable.

So, if CCP is ever looking into reworking their own, I suggest they return the favour and pilfer all they can from that Pearl Abyss’ game, and then improve on even that.

Maybe EVE’s character creator could have evolved to that level by now had it not been abandoned with the CQ? It was a pioneering character tool, but now it is lagging behind.

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And WoW invented MMO’s.

Just like the above statement, your assertion is quite wrong. Character sculpting had been around for several years prior to the release of Incarna (2011) via programs like DAZ|Studio (2005) and Poser. Heck even the original Guild Wars (2005) had some limited morphs.

Sculpting capability has been around for awhile but had mostly been limited to making art shots (stills) because animating sculpted characters on an MMO scale was waiting for the GPUs to catch up in raw power and shader capability.

The engine that runs CQ would choke if you had much more than five player controlled character models within view of each other.

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I can agree that it would be nice to see worked passed on all current features are not being removed.

Edit: I swear ether the forum text box sucks or predictable/auto-correct has issues. Here I am typing on my phone and it shows the word proper, but go and save post then reread and like 90 errors pop up from the abyss.

Did I ever say that EVE invented sculpting? I don’t believe I did. You can bet your ass that EVE popularized it though.


Apparently just one of the numerous graphics engine glitches making an appearance in the last patch, eye shadows are borked. But, it reminded me that we could still use more tats. CCPLZ?




I would like to revive this thread because it’s something that I particularly desire, if only for the additional roleplaying opportunities that could be provided.

Now, I don’t expect CCP to change the character creator into something like the one from Code: Vein - which Jim Sterling has actually praised as one of the best he’s ever seen due to the sheer amount of customization allowed - but having additional options for bloodlines, backgrounds, and even starting areas would be something I’d like to see.

According to several articles about the demographics of the empires (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente), the three bloodlines we get to choose from are most definitely not the only ethnicities of note in those empires. Hell, the Mannar and Udorians are some of the Federation and Empire’s major ethnicities but have never once been options for players to choose when making their character!

Furthermore, with the sheer prevalence of alts I think giving experienced players the option to start in NPC-owned low or null as part of the Khanid Kingdom, Ammatar Mandate, Thukker Tribe, or Intaki Syndicate would be nice. Naturally, certain polities would have more bloodlines available than others due to lore reasons.

Given the tight integration between the Amarr Empire, Khanid Kingdom, and Ammatar Mandate, it’s entirely possible that choosing one of the latter two will have little mechanical effect beyond the character’s starting position. Any bloodline that could reasonably be expected to become a capsuleer in the Kingdom or Mandate would probably be able to do the same thing in the Empire, though the reverse is unlikely to be true.

As it is, I see the Kingdom having a less-diverse bloodline selection than Empire proper but nothing the latter doesn’t already possess, though with the ties between the Caldari State and the Kingdom there might be some Caldari living there who have chosen to convert.

The Ammatar Mandate would just have, well, Ammatar. They’re an Amarr client state and anyone from the more influential/favored bloodlines would probably be trained back in the Empire proper unless there was a really good reason.

The Thukker Tribe’s “bloodlines” would actually be the Great Caravan that the character came from, but at the moment I only know one name, so if there aren’t more to use then CCP will have to come up with more.

The Intaki Syndicate is supposed to be the grey market in New Eden where everyone who wants to deal in questionable goods can go to find something they’re looking for, so it should be relatively cosmopolitan. I think any capsuleers originating from there would probably consist of Intaki (natch), Minmatar (due to the Syndicate’s ties to the Serpentis, and through them the Angel Cartel), and probably some Caldari who moved there to do business without the megacorps breathing down their necks or migrated from Guristas territory.

Finally, there should be an option for characters to be of mixed heritage. While the Amarr may track human bloodlines with literally religious conviction, the same can not be said for the Caldari or Minmatar, and the Gallente wouldn’t be able to do so even if they felt like it what with all the sex they’re having with anyone who asks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For anyone who’s interested, I made a list of possibilities in Excel and would like to have some feedback on how the smaller polities might be expanded. If you’re wondering why I included the Jove and Triglavians, that was just for the hell of it; I don’t actually expect players will get to make Jove or Trig characters.

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OMG 2 yr necro!!



Well, that was quick.