Character Creation

I’ve played this game on an off since the game was a 30 day free trial with subscription only service, alongside the ingame character walkaround and station room. Now I understand the reasons behind dropping the walkaround/station room. As the features that were going to tie in with that for player interactions as a way to socialize outside of a chat window has been a long long dead an buried roadmap goal.

Which is unfortunate but not the reason for this posting.

As a player who enjoys creating characters as well subsequently modifying them every so often with new aesthetic looks for taking poseable ID snap shots. I am rather disappointed in the lack of expanded creation cosmetics. The same hairstyles, the same color range options, the same sparse range of tattoo’s. I mean yes it’s a game primarily focused around flying spaceships, but a lot of people also like to put effort into the avatars they manage.

I would really appreciate if there was a plan in the near future to add in more hairstyles an expanded color ranges that would suitably fit a wildly futuristic, cyberpunk space MMO. Where’s all the vibrant color options, the neon blends an fade outs. The long haired mohawks or long hair shaved side cuts. The vibrant pink neon eyes or flame jade greens. Having at least twice the hair range options an double the color range should be an easy add. I’m sure paying a Skyrim hair Mod creator to crop one of their mods with a selection of hair to be added into EvE’s character creation system would be a small effort with a community / CCP win.

1 - More hairstyles
2 - Expanded color options for hair, eyes, makeup
3 - Expanded facial / neck tattoo’s
4 - Limb posing ability to move individual arms would be nice. Or the very least more poses, a wave, blowing a kiss, salute, hands up, fist shake etc…

I mean lets look at some of the more modern SF film/TV shows that have been out there, Altered Carbon, The Expanse, Blade Runner. I do understand CCP adds in new wearable cosmetics (an has done such consistently) in to the game it’s just that even with the Character creation sculpt shaper the overall limitation of the generic range ends up giving players a rather limited expression for their Avatars to expand unique appearances they would like.

Cheers for reading this.


I go for anything that adds more to character stuff.


I agree more character stuff to customize the avatar would allow players more room to create unique combinations with. As well gives room to add personal touches to their virtual identity.

More ideas to expand but not overwhelm character creation, replies would also be nice to flag the interest. Might actually generate some momentum with CCP instead of just cursory views.