Hair colours... Yes, hair colours


*** Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, I haven’t post on the EvE forums for a very long time, so feel free to correct and direct me to the correct place if this is not where it should be. ***

I remember when the walking in stations was added - well, the version we recieved… ehh, and the options for updated high resolution characters with fully customisable clothing options, etc. However, having come back to the game recently I was reminded of how limited the options actually are in retrospect.

While I do realise that the removal of the pilots quarters was likely necessary - I kinda liked it, even if it did lag in Tidi, I still feel like we’re long overdue in the customisation department.

I would genuinely appreciate some more weird and wacky options when making or re-sculpting characters, chiefly among these (and sole reason for this coming to mind) being more hair colours.

The current options are incredibly limited, with really only a few options open to us when you get past a couple of the options.

What I would love to see is pinks, reds, greens, blues, purples, etc in both vibrant and dull options.

Even given the the layout it wouldn’t hurt the game much to have a slider and colour sampling option added, as while there are a lot of people who don’t look at their character often, there are still many of us who do enjoy Character-Creator Online.

Cheers for any responses (Dev’s get a cookie!)


Everything’s limited! I can’t even properly copy most real life faces, because the amount of different possible faces (aka races/bloodlines) and their muscles is too limited for my autistic artistic abilities to fully express themselves!



It’s not a dig at the dev’s so much as a cry for implementing more options!

If you want to get them to at least think about it,
first you need to find an additional potential revenue stream.

Like being able to design other people’s characters and transferring it to them,
but with the buyer paying the bill, instead of the seller.

Also, this belongs to the other forum where people post ideas.
That one over there! *points*

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So, CCP doesn’t provide players with ability to choose a custom colour, because idea was to keep hair at natural look? Still, perhaps available palette might be expanded a bit more than what it is now…

And maybe, think about more stylish multicolour options (btw, hair on this photo is called “sci-fi”).

Also, do we need 1970s back?


Not only that but we need to be able to load and save “seeds” for characters. Then a whole new economy of people creating characters, just as we used to have for forum signatures, will emerge. They could then make extracting a seed cost plex and have those extracted seeds be single use only.

i like the idea of saving looks , eve has a great char editor we all have unique chars , but its to hard to use , thats why cool clothes don’t have a real market , no one wants to edit the char after the first / second time , if ye could mess with the thing all day and save several poses , looks and change with a button press i bet people would have the look of the day , change hair colors , clothes , and the market for cosmetic stuff would increase a lot

i like my looks but some times … i want to wear a amarr hood but i thing naaaaaa, to much work to change and change it back etc

This would go well hand in hand with CCP selling characters with SP directly.

I agree in general, but it’s not that easy.
For example, the creative force behind this will be a tiny minority.

The few who actually can design a good looking portrait …
… which this actually is about …
… will likely sell the same “seeds” with the same “designs” over and over again.

That’d lead to an army of quasi-clones.
Not actually a desirable outcome.

I’m not sure there’s enough people out there …
… capable of actually creating trade-worthy character portrait designs for everyone.

I say portrait, because that’s what’s ultimately being looked at by everyone.
A good looking portrait, of course, contains a well designed character as well.

I can assure you that this is not true …
… but the people who do so are far and wide.

Definitely not “no one”.

ok , it was a generalization . gj pointing it

I’m sorry. Kind of.

Every few days there’s a brilliant mind in the Anti-ganking channel calling all gankers scum. There was one particular vegetable, who first wrote (quote) “gankers are scum” and, after being opposed by me, kept defending himself by continuously pointing out he was simply talking about CODE.

A liar and an asshole.

But … these cognitively impaired people seem to be rare … so it’s fine.

Generalizations are evil. They have their places …
… but most of the time they’re misplaced.


I have no hair.
Can we have toupees too?

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The hairdo selection has always been woefully inadequate, as have the hair color options. (SO many lesser games have this one romped in this arena.)

You go!

Reminder: space barbies + eve online = death in a ball of flames

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I’d rather have more hair and beard styles. Male characters can only have short hair and trimmed beards, would be nice to be able to have long beard and hair, so that we could make our Amarr space priests and monks look more badass.


:+1: :+1: CCPLEASE!



Well…ok…sure, why not…whetever is groovy for you baby!

Colored hair. You mean like Night Elves?

Look where I’m pointing.

How dare you doubt our D&D forefathers! :smiling_imp:

Bonus for cosmic amendment:

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