Character editor

Hi. Update and add new elements to the character editor (Hairstyles, makeup, backgrounds and lots of clothes etc.) Thanks for your attention


The section is for threads about changing EVE.


Just be naked! :smiley:

So very often I question people’s mental capabilities purely on how they act and interact.

and shouldn’t our avatars have pod goo all over them as well?

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Mix it with sugar and have someone lick it! :smiley:

You see, that’s something that should be implemented. Along with walking in stations we should also have:

  1. Characters in the buff.
  2. Characters covered in Pod goooOOOoooo
  3. Possibility of tentacles in Pods
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not gonna lie i’d appreciate having more than 2 real hairstyle options

Uh-oh…I’ve seen enough strange eve fanfic to know where this is going…

ZoneTan would approve. :smiley:

Developers dnt respond at all to the wishes of the players :sleepy:. They give pretty terrible facial implants :nauseated_face: that look just disgusting :face_vomiting:, and nothing more. Why? Why is it so difficult to add new hairstyles, new poses, new clothes, any emotions :stuck_out_tongue:. All this can be sold for PLEX in a NES and thereby they (CCP) will earn money :+1:.

Are you 14?

30+ :rofl:

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You’re proof that age is just a number. There were times, not so long behind, when people could rely on age to be somewhat telling of a person’s general maturity level. Your age tells us how many times you’ve circled around the sun, but it’s really not a good indicator for anything else but that.

Thank you.

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Nice try, CCP, but no…

But just wear something on your head… and the magic begins… :ok_hand:

Your hair no longer belongs to you :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :tired_face: :scream:


Yes, some races are very difficult to change. Very similar types come out all the time. We need a little more opportunities in changing faces. And I really want a cowboy hat. And faceted eyes. Small and big mustache. And a beard)

These masks are amazing. Japanese folks will like those.

@Raes_Ongrard I’ve spotted Mr. Popo!

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Unfortunately, this mask, like other items of clothing, is not available in the game. They can’t be bought in a NES or market… :scream:

How did you take screenshots?