Skin Editor

I am hyped that you finally decided to implement Heraldry.
One point is really important to me.
You said that we will be able to fly in the colors of our alliance.
Now if that would mean we get a set of pattern and can switch 2 colors on it than it is NOT what we want.
An ability to create an own custom skin and request it to be put into the game would be a more sensible solution.
Create an Editor Program that lets you and your players create Skins for the game.
With the interchangeable parts system it will be even more important and customization possibilities will quickly overtake what your art team alone is capable of handling.
With the Editor you will harness all the creativity of your players to make EVE an more colorful living Universe.
How exactly you monetize Importing and the distribution abilities of the one Importing the Skin is up to you.

If ccp allows full creativity, people will paint dicks on everything. #this is why we cant have nice things. Also… I’m pretty sure they’re making bank with skin sales. The best you’ll get is color packs you can use to modify the colors of current skins. (The last is what DE did with warframe.)


If we were allowed to make our own skins, you would see nothing but dicks, hot pink, matte black, and gold chrome ships. This is why they will never implement that…

My intentions are much more sinister:

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There are probably licensing concerns as well, if people use copywrited images and ip.

It’s really too bad, because some people have made some great skins in the past. that one is at least 10 years old.

They can do it like Guild Wars et al. do, have segments on the ship that you can apply paint colours to, and you capitalise on paints and have tiers of paints rarity. Paint by numbers basically.

It gives customisation without the high risk of offending some persons feelings with skin images. Though in some cases pareidolia will cause them to be offended by even the slightest shape.

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