Character creation needs an update

Exactly as the title says, the character creation mechanic is in serious need of an update. It needs to keep up with modern times and include options for non-binary people. As it is, it is deeply disrespectful to the LGBTQIA+ community and fails to address the needs and preferences of today’s emancipated audience.
CCP when are you going to redo the character creation section?

With the current character creator you can create a brutal shemale and a girly maleshe. It’s not the character creator’s fault that you are not good enough to do that or lack the necessary creativity. You can even create characters that look like young teens (which was extremely uncanny when I saw such a char years back).


It’s a role playing game. The only limitation is someone’s imagination.

There is nothing about the character creation that prevents anyone from the LGBTQIA+ community from taking part and our characters can take on any persona we desire.

He/him, she/her, they/them are all equal possibilities.

L = yes
G = yes
B = yes
T = yes
Q = yes
I = yes
A = yes

In relation specifically to the last 2, whether a character wants to be intersexual, asexual or gender diverse is a choice we make as players.

Choose how you like.

In all cases, we are playing characters that aren’t from Earth at all. If you want to go and invent some other alien identifications, go ahead and it would fit right in.

There have been calls in the past to allow all characters to wear all clothing, however that limitation may not be based on diversity limitations. It’s just as possible that it’s based on limitations of the art team to produce all of the extra assets needed to facilitate that.


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I see it this way as a player: we are playing humans, humans originated on Earth, so we are humans that came from earth, even when in New Eden it isnt said from where humans came, but they believe humans came thru EVE gate. Implications are biological. They are still earth humans who only happen to be in another place, and as far as biology goes we are still humans, maybe except Jove, Drifters and Triglavians. These may be already other species and we dont even know if they can have offspring with humans from which they developed. Jove being advanced genetically improved humans, drifters developing from Jove, and Triglavians we dont really know about, but they have some kind of bioadaptation thing going on and they use mutaplasmids.

If we talk about some highly different things, Triglavians may have more biological sexes than two I think, going with the theme of three. But its only a thought I had. They could have hermaphrodites.

Good for you I guess. The statement you quoted is still true though.

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And in majority being biological humans as they lived on earth, with exceptions I provided.

There’s no need for this change… please CCP… keep gender politics out of my entertainment.


I’d rather see different species introduced…

The characters in the game aren’t real. They have no present-day political positions and their perceived genders are fictitious, along with the whole cluster… it’s a game. Representation is assumed by the players, not dictated by the developers.

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They’re the same as any other humans. Triglavians are just a Jovian offshoot. They diverge in the way they adapted cloning and implant technology.

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How wrong you are with that affirmation, oh little one.

Let’s keep the “woke” out of gaming, please. I have to see that enough in the news on a daily basis, I don’t need to fire up EVE and see it too…


No really they are. They’re jovians who fled into abyssal space under assault from the faction that later became the drifters and the sleepers. It’s in the available lore - you can go look it up.


No such statement or allusion is made in any official lore piece. You are a mere fumbling buffoon, shaping wrong assumptions and making yourself look like a fool by doing so.

The F&I subforum is a weird place to roleplay lol - there’s abundant evidence demonstrating that the Triglavians and Jove have a very close history, suggesting at the very least an intimate history if they aren’t in fact a branch of them outright. The Triglavians went into the abyss aboard Kitezh world arks, and describe the faction in change of the Second Jove Empire (The Tyrants) as their “Ancient Enemy” (who they initially recognized the Drifters as, since they’ve modeled themselves after that group). In any case, this is off topic though.

As for the thread topic itself, I think there’s a lot of room for us to see character resculpts allow a change of sex/bloodline/etc instead of just features, if that’s not incompatible with the way characters as entities are generated/stored for EVE. Our perception of the self, as capsuleers, is inherently very flexible; if we can perceive ourselves as literal spaceships, then psychologically there should be no reason we can’t feel/appear/be however we like as humans.

One of the eve comics… the one with the goons… referred to an alt as just a “jump clone.” Not sure how lore correct that is, but if it is, then the process would just spin up a new identify to sleeve yourself into, rather than trying to modify the dna at a core level.

Understandable to this point.

Questionable assumption.

Your humanly flaw, @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci , is that you try to interpret information through your emotional filter and in the process, you overlook relevant facts that stare you in the face.
I will help you: what do us - the Jove, the Drifters and you - the fumbling capsuleers have in common? Don’t think of an emotional response. Think of a technological one. The answer is: we are all Type I civilizations.
Now think about the next two questions:
What type of civilization is The Triglavian Collective?
What other civilizations you know of fall into that category?
Remember, oh, little one: some answers are staring you in the face if only you can peel away the veil of emotional vice.

Not that I want to stick my nose into your lore dispute, but your comment here is pretty flawed. A civilization’s current technological advancement is entirely irrelevant as to what their history may or may not have been in the distant past.

As far as we know, all the humans that reside in New Eden came through the EVE gate. The fact that there was technological divergence after the fact doesn’t refute the prior claim.