Changing the sex of character

When i made my character, i had not come out as trans, and now that i have came out as trans, it should be possible to change the sex of the character in the Character Resculpting option. i feel uncomfortable as playing as the sex that my character is and would be a huge boon to the LGBTQ+ community if it were possible to change the sex of the character ingame.


Plenty of folks on here play as opposite genders…


carful man I made a post about letting us pick to be cat girls and despite it being lore relevant the ISDs came and locked it as “lacking substance”


I really don’t give a duck what your motivation for changing your gender is. I’m all for player self-expression (as long as it’s consistent with Eve lore), and for monetization methods that aren’t anti-consumer or P2W. So, I support character resculpt certificates allowing people to also change change their gender. Some players would appreciate the ability, it doesn’t impact game balance, and it would probably help CCP to sell more resculpt certificates.
No P2W


Would be nice if the character resculpt certificate allowed this change.

That said, I play characters of all sorts of types and genders in EVE and don’t really see why I couldn’t play a character because it would or would not align with my real life gender.


Easiest solution: put on a triglavian suit for your next picture.


Some of these replies are awful.

Absolutely support this, the gender of a character means fairly little to anyone else, but for a trans person playing a character with the ‘wrong’ gender and possibly with a link to their deadname could really spoil their enjoyment of the game.

So long as it’s not affecting anyone else what would be the issue with letting people change their character’s gender.

A small change could make a whole group of people feel a lot more welcome in the EVE community.


Affects 0% of game play. This is kind of a why not question? For now there are tons of people who play the opposite gender on other characters probably why this was never asked. Maybe it would increase the demand for character resculpt.

Bottom line it’s up to what CCP decides :slight_smile:


dev time could be used for things that actually do affect gameplay?


It affects the game significantly for those who are affected by it, and little to none for those who are not. That seems like a positive use of developer time to me.


why ?

oh don’t give me that. most of us haven’t looked at our toon in years your an infomorph and your ship is your avatar. You can have your ship be whatever genders you want

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Why not? Fundamental EvE lore says we are capsuleers whose consciences are technomagically transported over vast distances to be put into a blank clone…what difference does it make what form that blank clone takes? I don’t care what people want to play their game avatars as. If someone wants to play the game with a newly-sentient-Fedo or robot or whatever avatar…who cares?

OP, I suggest you not tie your IRL sense of self to any game avatar nor let any IRL circumstance dictate your enjoyment of a game and vice versa.

:arrow_up: :arrow_up: :arrow_up: :+1: Well said, Jones, I agree.

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I would support the ability to change genders between deaths. As I understand lore, a Capsuleer has their consciousness transferred from clone to clone, so I don’t see why a male couldn’t transfer into a female or vice versa. I think doing so should require the death of a Capsuleer, or perhaps a purchasable item bought with ISK that any pilot could buy to transfer their implants from one clone to another regardless of any (essentially) cosmetic changes.

I also support the idea of a once-in-a-Capsuleer item that allows for a name change that could be purchased for ISK to allow a Capsuleer to change their name.

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Because it’s a lot of work, time spent by devs who already have a long list of things to do.
Because the “why” question was not answered.
Because RL should not penetrate Eve, this is essentially an rpg. In that respect there’s no difference between real life politics, religion, race or sex and how it should be handled in the game.
Because there’s a hundred imaginable scifi reasons that the clone needs to be an exact copy.


Well you have a point there.

Wouldn’t it be as simple as letting players recreate their characters whilst keeping their skills on a character? Perhaps I don’t understand the difficulty of setting that up, but seems like it wouldn’t be a monumental task.

I beg to differ.

Oh? Interesting. If you felt like it, I would be curious to know a few. If not, that’s ok too.

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scifi reasons, let’s see … it’s already quite late here but here’s a few, although they really should be confined to the player fiction part of the forums :stuck_out_tongue:

The clones are grown in the tanks from cells taken from the original human, therefore they are identical. Altering those cells breaks the link with the original and its experience (thoughts, skills, talents, w/e).

Tampering with the dna (in this case sex gene expression) leads to clones unresponsive to transfer of awareness, due to a level of incompatibility with hormonally induced thought patterns and a clone not matching these patterns.

As memory cells are individualized according to their content on a molecular level they become incompatible in altered clones.

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People are busy updating their resumes. I don’t think anybody has time to implement this.


So here’s the thing. I’m all for characters being allowed to change their gender if they want. Like who gives a crap? I do draw the line at name changes. I think that that’s far too easy to escape any sort of notoriety or consequences that come with your actions in game. One shouldn’t be able to change their name and their gender in game and their appearance. That would be a nightmare for opsec. Imagine constantly getting scammed by the same person, or having the same hostiles one era just looking different, perhaps even able to kill you one day, and infiltrate your Corp with effectively the same character the next. But beyond that, hell yeah. Let them change their gender. I think there shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.

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Besides, they already have a re-sculpt option. I would bet it’s already possible but they think it’s controversial and that makes them a little bit edgy.
Or not, maybe the code is a monolithically huge heap of crap and deleting what ought to be a database entry was sadly coded in assembly language in 1947. Maybe they can’t find the punchcard…