Poll: Gender Change

If they added a feature to change gender, including a resculpture, for $10-$15 worth of PLEX how many chars would you change?

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How about it costs nothing. Why are people even pushing for more shitty micro transaction with zero value in a game you aleardy have to pay a subscription to access the majority of the content?


“Ten or more” seems rather weird … or dishonest.

Also: It’s sex, not gender.


Why would you not support MTX for cosmetic ■■■■?

Who ■■■■■■■ cares what your pilot’s picture looks like. If someone wants to spend money to change it, that’s entirely their choice. It’s in no way a mandated item that would affect competitiveness in any way.

I would FAR rather they make their money on cosmetic stuff, than on p2w stuff (which presently isn’t in the game, but BDO beckons).

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I would give my 1 character 10 genders instead


You can already buy a re-sculpture certificate on the market, value is equivalent to $10-15.
…just saying.

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This stuff already exists. It is called Skill Extractors and rerolling characters. That method gives CCP more money and causes fewer issues than what you and other individuals want.

Zero. I didn’t buy this fabulous mtx outfit for my barely-visible tiny icon just to have it get all stretched out by some male frame.

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If you change gender then you’ll also need a name change.

The actual picture doesn’t really matter in this game, although the name does. As I mentioned in the name change thread, I don’t see an issue as long as the old name (or names) is (are) listed in the history (employment sheet).

Sure add sex changes for plex or money or whatever. But the important thing is that it can go terribly wrong, and you’ll wind up with a character that has no arms or legs, among other things. And then your avatar’s picture can just be a potato person sitting in a lawn chair in a Gallente resort.

Also, please let me make avatar pics of my awesome boots. God, my boots are amazing. Have I told you? About the boots?

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Or just confused.

I can understand that micro transactions are a way to monetize a free2play game. EVE is not a free2play game! It is still subscription based.

I don’t care if someone changes their picture. I care about the trend of adding a price tag and additional monetization to every little feature that has absolutely no justification other than greed.

Extractors and injectors for alphas are hardly only “cosmetic”. But even if it was only cosmetic I can’t figure out why you people applaud them if not completely ■■■■■■■ up the game with tons of pay2win mechanics, as if that was something we have to thank them for.

I have enough from developers transforming their once immersing games into a shell that is attached to a storefront. I don’t want to see ads for the additional stuff they sell when I pay a subscription for the game.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I just don’t pay corporations that engage in this double dipping any money anymore.


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Alpha injectors are just day sized omega subscriptions without the rest of the omega benefits.
While I agree with some of your post getting up in arms over alpha injectors is silly.

That said, I’d rather see this sort of thing be free also, but the reality is this would take dev time. Therefore it needs to pay for said dev time.

Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.

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As long as were getting the sex changes, we need some more stuff. Forget those silly mechanical arms in the new eden store. We need mech suits asap. I need to get out and ride my ship joust style and punch a gungnir into your Ragnarok. And, I should be able to hang your ships carcass in front of my own habitat, with a sign that says “I’m generating content bro”

And they can already do that. Pay the extractors and reroll your character.

CCP already makes their bulk of the revenue with the subscription. That and only that should be what a subscribed player pays to CCP. They can rip all the money out of alpha accounts with cosmectis but omegas should not be subject to double paying for content.

People who argue that CCP should introduce more macrotransactions and who justify Hilmar’s crappy greed are objectively worse and more toxic to the community than Hilmar and whoever else in CCP decides that kind of business approach.

Instead of gender i wouldn’t mind to change ancestry or bloodlines - for ships/modules it’s not a thing but could be handy for RP purposes

Time to just treat the op like a troll and block.

People are already doing this enough IRL.