Pilot Resculpt - Gender/Name Change

I was wondering if CCP is currently working on or looking into adding gender/name change to the pilot resculpt? From some of the other threads I have read through, there seems to be a good amount of interest for it. Not just from people in the LGBTQIA+ community but from cis-gendered people as well.
I think a new alias tab, that has been mentioned in the past, would be a great solution for the gender/name change being used to get around someone’s negative reputation.

Not likely. Csm are against this as well.

Gender change: sure.

Name change: still against this.

Your name is your identity and your history follows that.


[IDEA] Name Change Certificate ← for all the arguments around name changes; thread remains active and so should be used for any discussion of that idea.

I am all for resculpt certs including gender change. Seems like it should have been part of the cert all along, honestly.

Honestly, this seems like an easy cash grab for CCP. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because they probably don’t think there will be many people to buy it.

Gender change would be fine. It’s cosmetic anyway.

Name, no.
Names matter and actions should have consequences in this game, you should not be able to switch name and continue playing on that character as if nothing happened.

You can start another character if you want a new identity. A lot of players have many identities.

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CSM against it ?
All of them ?
Some ?
Source of this statement ?

If you had paid attention to who responded to your own thread about this topic, you would know.

I can link you your thread if you want?

My thread ?

Where 2 CSM members over 10 expresses a refusal before the election ?


Are you suggesting they changed their mind? What makes you think that?

If somebody can change their name and gender, then changing their mind should be easy.

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I am highly in favor of this. Very necessary idea.

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