Add change gender option

can u add gender change option , its a long term game i want to enjoy it , i picked a random female character was planning to change at any time later i didn’t know ill stuck with her for ever, players started to talk to me like I’m a girl , that doesn’t feel right or good , i cant keep telling everyone i talk to in-game I’m a guy , add a 1 time change per account that wont change anything in the game more than it fix communications between players , u can add to pilot history that he changed name from this to that , try to fix gender without breaking game rules


You could put your character in a triglavian suit.

The only place where people see your character’s gender is in the portrait, which you can easily make look unisex (like with a Trig suit). The vast majority of players is male, so I bet people will refer to you as male if you have the right portrait.


that’s another cage to hide behind a mask , now ill have to live with both girl character + a mask , that’s not helping it just make it worse , i want to have my unique male appearance , we customize our characters for a reason

thnx for replying

Then you need to make a new character.

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i don’t want to lose my main character creation date its special for me , if i can copy my creation date to my new character ill do it

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Wait aren’t we all on internet personas? :thinking: :thinking: TALK ABOUT CAGES :joy: :joy:

This really sounds like a you problem and not a CCP problem tbh. I think changes need to happen with you first before CCP spends their money to fix a problem that most likely impacts a very small amount of people.

You going to need a stronger more compelling argument to justify spending hrs of dev time, wages for that dev, and fixing the bugs that happen after the change for every patch for the foreseeable future.


having the option to change name or gender at most games is a given , game devs should have considered such a must have features from the start specially for along term game like eve, or at least they have plans to add it later without problems , i don’t think it will be hard for ccp dev team to do it regardless how many players requested it , i send request to dev team to add gender change option as soon as possible , adding name change too will be nice

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It could be a 5 min code fix, or it could be a months long spaghetti code fix. Leave it alone. I have female characters and so do others. Katia sae, female character, but its known that IRL they are male.

Work around your mental issues (i mean that as nicely as possible)

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Decisions have consequences, some time long-term consequences and some time consequences that cannot be undone ever. I like that. It gives decisions value. If you can’t stand your characters name, gender, bloodline or history any more, biomass it and start a new one. The game even offers you ways to extract lots of value from your current char (asset transfer, skill point extraction), just the creation date you simply can’t have. Deal with that, make your decision.


Just because it’s in a different game doesn’t mean it is some industry standard now.

It’s a you problem. Not an US problem or a CCP problem. You really need to examine your core values about this and fix what is going on in RL if the gender of an online character really annoys you that much.

There are many men pilots who are female and many women pilots who are males. :man_shrugging:

Finally, I think noone cares what darn gender you are if you have trillions in net worth and can fly titans. Everyone will be friends with you. :joy: :joy: It’s how money works.


but eve isnt like most games oO why ppl like you dont understand this ?

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Not sure I get the hate for this comment we have the character re-sculpt item I think you could really add value to it if CCP could upgrade it to a full character re-design.

Obviously it might be a lot of work so I’m sure CCP will prioritise accordingly ie if there is not much interest not much time spent.

But no harm in asking.


No hate. OP really needs to reconcile himself if the gender of his or her character really bothers him to the point where he can’t play the game. Look at his posts. It’s clear he has a personal issue with it and wants to bring that issue to the public to fix.

Right of course. People should ask for the right reasons. Not personal reasons. That was the main point of my posts. It’s hard to engage with someone when they want an idea accomplished because of their feelings or mental state of mind. If OP changed the way he framed his post. I change the way I respond and debate. It’s a two-way street.

Your post was the right way to ask.

Sometimes I wish I took a debate class in community college. I really grown to like it over my time posting here.

This game was made when MMOs were NOT popular at all. It wasn’t a widely known issue at the time either, nor was it a widely known issue when they came out with the new character portraits and models. Now we have what we have. I’m sure CCP would love to give us this ability, however they would have to put in a considerable amount of time into giving us that option. I would like people to have as many options as possible to express themselves in space, but we have to live with what we have until they have the time to give us these options.


Since you suggested name + gender fix, then not 1 time, I would prefer it being 2 times thing so I can get rid of the damn number in my name and get back to original gender (already have 3/3 anyways) :smiley:

In all seriousness, CCP, 5000 plex offer to change my number into a word of my choosing still stands!

I would say gender and name changes are two entirely different topics. Let’s not mix them.

Gender is purely cosmetic. If you ask me, I would be fine with it if the character re-sculpt certificate allowed players to completely reset their character model and also allowed them to pick a different gender, like @Kenaar suggested above.

Name changes are something completely different. Your name is your identity. People recognise you for your name. Your actions in EVE have consequences, and without a persistent name you could simply get rid of the consequences of your actions by hiding behind new names, with your old name gone or hidden in some kind of sub-menu. While alts can already be used to get a new name, we can tell by the occasional request of ‘name changes’ that alts are not sufficient as a way to start all over again with a new name, and rightfully so.
Name changes allow players to avoid the consequences for their actions, and are therefore against the spirit of the game.

Gender changes are fine though. Aside from the effort of a technical implementation of such a change, I don’t see why we cannot have this.

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names were mixed into this from the start :smiley:

The first post did not mention names though, the OP only added that topic later.

check again, it’s there and doesn’t look to be edited :slight_smile:

but in any case, I am joking ofc, but still, CCP, 5000 plex is there as offer, I can take the same last name of my 10 year old alt, not a problem :smiley:

Fair enough, I must have missed that.

Still I think the original idea (change gender option) is not a bad idea. Just the name change is a bad idea.