Can i change my character from a girl to a boy?

I have the monmthly substribtion of omega and it said if I pay like 140 plex I can resclupt my character does that mean change sex aswell? Because I am a guy I really made a mistake by making a female I want to be a guy. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

No, it’s just changing your looks. There’s no sex changing. No name changing either (except in extremely strict circumstances within - if I remember correctly - a very short timeframe following character creation at discretion of a GM).

There’s an element of continuity requirements which work their effects on how EVE works. In the sense of choice being deterministic, and thus carrying weight. Choice matters, action matters, both are subsets of identity in EVE’s version of the sandbox.

So who you are is a reference of identity in choices and actions that pile up over time.

From this perspective, I cannot see CCP ever engaging on a path where masking identity or convoluting it would ever be done. That said, an identity is more than just a name and its history. There’s other aspects as well.

So from that perspective, I could understand it if CCP did allow for gender changes, while the rest of identity elements remains intact. Truth be told, it is a science fiction universe, it kinda boggles the mind that we do not have capsuleers who are sexless never getting out of their capsules, or pilots who spin many ways, or captains who transcend the limitations of fixed flesh. Given advanced technology, a body is a meatsuit. Like clothes.

Heck, in a science fiction universe where technology such as displayed by the Jove and other factions exists I can’t understand why we don’t have the equivalents of gen-engineered people with all the meta and conflict drives resulting from that.

Sex change? Sure, why not. It’s the future. It’s virtual. We already transfer our consciousness, the meat is a suit.

That said, I doubt CCP has the decision room left for this kind of change which would impact its business activities in countries where such topics are not-done, at best.

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Very well said, thank you!

Hmmm… :thinking:

According to sjws, all you need to do is believe you are of the opposite gender, or an attack helicopter, and you will be that gender.

Now you just need to shame people into referring you in your proper pronoun(his, her, xer).

Put a Triglavian survival suit on and no-one will see your gender in the portrait anyway.

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You can have 3 characters on the same account. Then you can use this character for planetary interaction and the others for something else, but maybe also for planetary interaction, so 15 planets max on omega account. Its nearly like free ISK.

If you have small amount of SP (below 5 milions) you dont even can extract it from that character, just make new one on the same account.

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