Lingerie in the NES store

When CCP introduced the new character creator, on the initial version that was playable on the test server, there were different colours (and styles) of underwear that was available.

The accompanying dev blog said that this was important:

We even have shoes and underwear that you can play around with, even if they won’t show on your portrait. That doesn’t matter, though, because you will know what color underwear your character is wearing, and that is important.

  • 2010-10-05 - CCP T0RFIFRANS

Now then, it is ten years since the “new” character creator was implemented. It is now older than the old character creator was when that was replaced. And for all of those ten years, you’ve only had one choice of colour & style of underwear.

This is hardly ideal. It smacks of broken promises and neglect. Something that CCP has on occasion been extremely bad at.

In my opinion, people, including myself, would be willing to spend money on different colours & styles of underwear for our characters.

So, I’d like the CSM to bring this to CCP’s attention at a convenient time.

Think about it:
Gallente translucent plastic underwear. Minmatar undies with tribal logos on them. Amarr ones with Imperial symbols.
Estamel Tharchon’s Modified Translucent Plastic Corset with Lift & Separate Cups.

It’d be a nightmare hellscape of smut and memes. And is that not the whole point of cosmetic items in games ?


These two threads might be of interest to you for discussion purposes:

Oh yes!

and Stockings!
:stableparrot: :stableparrot: :stableparrot:


Yes please.


And Programming Socks.

You made me think about it.

I wish I hadn’t.



Cheetah thongs.


Jeez! I didn’t actually realise that I was in a room of 14 years old, pubescent boys. I had kind of assumed that most people were probably past the stage in their life where they sneaked their mom’s swimsuit catalogue up to their room.

So no, in a word, I don’t think this would be a terribly good thing for CCP programmers and digital artists to spend their valuable working time on, especially as there are many, many other aspects of the game that are, hopefully, slightly higher priority than < ahem > ‘Gallente translucent plastic underwear’.

I would have to say however the amount of time that you have obviously spent on thinking about the possibilities here (Estamel Tharchon’s Modified Translucent Plastic Corset with Lift & Separate Cups … WTAF?!) is both impressive and slightly disturbing.

Yes, really.

Back in ye olde tymes, the Gallente were all about the translucent plastic apparel. It was part of the whole EVE aesthetic of the time.

The point is to have a range of styles & colours available. AS WAS PROMISED TEN YEARS AGO, and was ON THE TEST SERVER, but when implemented ONE COLOUR FOR EVERYONE. It was not as good as it could have been.

And, obviously, there’d be options that would be sensible, and ones that were not. As I said in my OP, I’d forecast a nightmare hellscape of smut and memes. But isn’t that the point of cosmetic items ?

Seriously though, why not have colour options available ? :psyccp:


The shouting in your reply is both slightly hilarious and something that a psychologist would have a field day with. You’re obviously quite excited about this, right?

I tend to be non-judgemental as a default so I’m not going to guess as to why you might be quite so excited and thrilled at the thought of ‘Minmatar undies with tribal logos on them’ but might I suggest a cold shower and a long lie down? For your blood pressure as much as anything else.

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COVID PLEX4GOODers still waiting on those black face masks. Face lingerie man.

Not really no, but after 9 months of covid restrictions with no concrete end in sight, I have pretty much run out of constructive things to do about the house, so finding fault with the videogames I play is something that passes the time.
I know jack about nullsec or supercaps or most of the other things that people complain about in EVE, but I do know about clothes, lol.

Dude, being judgemental is fricking awesome. Grasping at straws, jumping to conclusions, grabbing the wrong end of the stick, it’s a whole-body workout !


That would explain why this was posted in Assembly Hall

Could not agree more. However the same could be said of ship skins, new jita station etc. , yet we have plenty of those.

You literally just made me laugh so much I almost cried. The fact that you still have a sense of humour is a wonderful thing @Valerie_Valate. Go in peace and fly safe my friend, the world needs more people like you in it.


It is true however that certan apparel has more exposure than others.
A bigger variety of hats maybe?
Anything from cowboy hats to plush earmuffs.

so long as I can dress my male characters in female underwear, i support this idea.

Guys why can be focus on the fact we cant have hair and wear a hat???

We have to shave our hair to put on hats…



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As much as I am glad you stepped back from this, I think you need to do a bit more. Oh yeah, I know launching into unnecessary, presumptive personal attacks is par for the course on this forum, but its the TRUE immaturity here, far and above teenage sexual frustrations.

Anyway, do you know that some females play EVE too? I bet quite a lot of them would like to have more such customization. I was quite impressed when I came back to EVE and saw all this character feature customization. Its not something I get into so much, but growing up in a house full of women I fully understand how much such things are loved by some people, even men, for reasons that are not quite so simple sexual jollies.

Mind you, I have far less problems with sexual jollies than I do those who are so quick to not only see them everywhere, but condemn them visciously. Its the halmark of the jealous who are not getting any. Not you? Then don’t be that way.