Differently coloured torsos, please?

Thank you!


Blizzard makes most of their revenue from MTX… simple hue changes are a great way to make more $$$… same for your mask thread


This thread, for some reason. gets ignored far more, despite being sexually far more provocative AND despite offering an increased amount of creative freedom and colour harmony, than the masks do. Though, as the audience for both threads likely is roughly the same, I guess it makes sense for people to conglomerate in just one of them.

Personally, I really want that yellow/golden torso. It’s fucktastically looking, but all of them actually look great.

Two masks = one bra. Duh.

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yes CCPlease ^-^

About mask… what if mask would have an emblem of a corp on it? Not just a colour.

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That’s far more work for CCP. One step at a time.

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