Face customization (tattoos)

Is it possible to have maybe in future some additional tattoos for capsuleers? (@CCP_Darwin, @CCP_Falcon if you are reading this, that is a great idea to make some $inos on PLEX too, so please say a word to Hilmar about this).

I mean like this one from Elite, that looks like triglavian tattoo.



It would be neat if cyber tattoos could be their own light source.

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I mean sure. did you not see who bought CCP there will probably add plenty. and at several different pay levels. $5 you can use it for two weeks $10 you can use it for 30days and $25 you can keep it. oooooh or even some that are loot box only gee I can’t wait

If a volatile timed cosmetic allowed you to save a semi-nude avatar I’m sure a couple of folks would bite on those prices.

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considering hundreds do on so many other games i’m sure

hell they could probably make all their money back on the ccp acquisition and licensed Hello Kitty skins. Everyone would complain and be outraged by it but I guarantee most of those same people would still by one for all their favorite ships on each of their accounts

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Yeah, the new announcement with how they are using singularity to test both tranquility and serenity cosmetics and monetization choices feeds into that. Folks on TQ might start clamoring for all the hot pink costumes and skins that the Chinese player base is getting. Also it’s a way to gradually introduce monetization options by initially saying it’s for serenity yet Pearl/CCP really want to gauge initial TQ playerbase feedback for later adoption.

lol we have been for years they get all the amazing skins. but I could see them getting far more aggressive.

for me they could micro all the cosmetics they want so long as its not in my face i’ll be fine. its when they start messing with balance its going to bug me. CCP already laid the ground work pretty well with the diminishing returns on skill injectors. claiming it was for “balance” when the real reason was to push you to have many low SP accounts rather than all in one.

and lets not forget mutagins. have you seen the UI for that? its built hard to play to gambling spend all your money and buy just one more plex for another round type ■■■■

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I wonder how they could expand mutaplasmid RNG to skins (ships & structures) and clothes?

In all honesty, mutaplasmids for cerebral accelerators seems like the next step.

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nah got to go more consumable than that. plasmind ammo. 1k stacks at a time.

O.o wait forget accelerators Skill injectors lower or increase the base amount an injector could give

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