More apparel options

Hello. It’s been quite a while since we recieved apparel options that weren’t just reskins of the same shirt model.
Why can’t we pay PLEX for different hairstyles? character backgrounds, poses, lighting options.
some of us already pay an obsence amount of isk and plex for SKINs… theres some of us who would do the same for this stuff. I would.

We’ve had the same basic options for character customisation since CCP released the latest character creator. Don’t you think it’s time we are allowed to have a different style haircut?


EVE Online is dead to CCP - they dont invest much time or effort into it. Its only function is a cash cow they use to fund what they enjoy such as making an FPS and a blockchain based game. They are bored of working on EVE Online but they are not bored of the money it makes them. So just shut up and pay them? Thats what they think but they dont tell you

Many moons ago, there was Monocle’gate. And the wrath of the playerbase was epic.
CCP had been kind of gunshy about paid apparel ever since.
In any case, I doubt it would be much on an earner for the art department resources it would consume.

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Everything else in EVE you have to pay for. So i dont see why they dont expand this and create a tailor profession.

So now you can buy new boots that someone made. Maybe they even give you bonuses. What kind of bonuses could a new pair of boots give to a capsuleer? Oh wait, they are in a pod and probably not even dressed to begin with :slight_smile:

this still requires the art department to put in a lot of effort and expense.

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CCP has made it so adding new apparel is trivial, they made the proper tools and process to make it so all way back when they first decided to go down this route. Anything else would be stupid.

still requires the art department to put in a lot of effort and expense.

I wonder what people think about your posts because you are accusing the art department of being lazy or that their work is futile. It would be amazing if someone at CCP could set the record straight. Do CCP enjoy these CCPsplainers? Do they think they speak for them? Genuinely curious

you what? i’m doing neither you facetious, obstinate berk.

creating apparel art assets is a non-trivial task. i don’t know how much 3d modelling you’ve done, but as one who has, making gradient meshes can be a painstaking, time consuming exercise, all for something that, by your concept, wouldn’t generate a direct revenue stream.

art assets don’t just magically appear, someone has to create them.

the art department does a lot of work and probably has a job sheet longer than your record of terrible posts and poorly thought out ideas.

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The insinuation is that the Art Department is lazy or their work is otherwise not appreciated. What other point are you trying to make?

This goes without saying. You dont need to point it out unless you want to argue that work is bad, in which case you are shitting on working people. I will rest my case.

Thank you for showing your true colors

Let’s try and be polite to one another please.

I am with you for more items and let the player designers go to work on making and selling clothing.

PS. please make it so I can wear a ballcap and retain my hair!