Outfit/clothing +%

so alot of outfits that have no real doin but lookin good or odd
it wold be cool if cloths will add bonss to pilots…
not somthing big…just that lttle omph

somthin like
soe outfit bonss to exploration(relic/data/scannin
durk blud 1% to nut …and 1.5% if you got matchin set…

evry pirat/faction clothin will give a small bons to its matchin natrual pwr

small bonses to drone trackin…

it wold afect market
will create intrasting pvp fleets and copsition
add to the RP and will make nice pic

You dont wear clothes in the pod.


i think you’re thinking of implants

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What a disgusting whale you terrible person are. Only a whale would suggest bonuses to ships and activities that you can purchase for RL money.

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Pretty much everything in Eve can be purchased with real world money or with ISK - that’s implicit in a convertible currency like PLEX. Since Eve doesn’t have a predefined victory condition you get to set your own goals and decide how you want to achieve them.

I doubt CCP will revisit avatar gameplay anytime soon but it wouldn’t surprise me to see functional skins.

Everything else (ships, modules, structures ) is included in the subscription. Clothing and vanity items require you to pay extra RL money for most of them, which means they are not available from ingame activities and only enter the markets because someone bought them with RL cash. That’s a big difference. Considering how eager CCP is to extort more RL money out of its users as of late, I would not be surprised if they eventually give in to these whale demands.

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I can (and do) use ISK earned in game to purchase PLEX on the market and and spend that PLEX in the NES for vanity items and game time.

When my characters were much younger I occasionally purchased PLEX from CCP and sold it on the market to purchase ships or finance other gameplay activities.

If there were functional items that could only be purchased with real money I would agree but as long as everything can be bought for ISK, converted to PLEX, I don’t see a problem.

Of course you don’t see the problem. You don’t even see the difference between using your ISK for items that are only available via ingame means and items that you need to use PLEX to buy them in the first place. With that attitude you evolve into the perfect customer for CCP, just like that whale in the first post. That’s the target audience for the contemporary CCP.

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Cloths with bonuses.

This is why bears have to be hunted down and driven from the game.

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It appears OP might get their wish. The language on the new facial augments here are vague enough to indicate either learning attribute boost or just ‘it makes the player feel good about thier space barbie.’


Interesting viewpoint, If I buy PLEX from CCP with cash, sell it on the in-game market for ISK and then use that ISK to buy stuff that gives me an advantage - perhaps faction ships/modules that’s OK because these are strictly in-game items.

But, if I buy PLEX using ISK earned in-game and use it to purchase game time or skins from the NES - I’m a whale. OK I’ve always been fond of cetaceans! :whale:

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to all the nolife ppl swallowed by goon/hate culture in eve
i dnt speak hate
so i ddnt really understnd your name callin
no worries tho…i dnt really care
a bear?
a whale??

you all need to skill up in getout and getalife skills atleast to 4 you noobs

ddnt ment implants…

ment outfit
all rpg game clothes give bonss

but im sure for the haters “eve isnt a game”

thanks for all the veterinarian for the diagnose

Our “clothes” are our ships, modules and implants.
Not the cosmetic outfits.
You are comparing mmos and RPGs based on the character with one based on the ship.

i know we are copsolear. “wearing” our pod
done all the tuts when started the game
plus saw and liked the “movie/story tellin” in the biggining

im coparing a rpg game to a rpg game

and btw
i ddnt ever looked at the clothing departmnt in new eden store
use it for extractors ans skins
can be droped in events like the last one or like faction loot

plz dnt be narnow minded and use that sphere lookin thing on your sholders
it dsnt matter what you buy in new eden store if you can buy plex and purchesed it with isk you made from the selling that plex

plus ccp can take it off new eden store and channel their profit via the market

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