Give Clothing/skins Stats - increase CCP income, Increase investment in Eve!

CCP you should make and sell clothing that actually does something in-game. The player base would buy it to get that extra 1% in whatever for example.

CCP would benefit from the isk sink = more plex being sold therefore increase income.

Player base would then benefit as we keep the game alive and more investment would come to Eve Online as our owners continue to make a profit from Eve Online.

So my vote would be to give clothing stats.

You could even give skins stats! Ooo…lets go full commercial :slight_smile: Build the skins into different levels of rarity and let market forces go to work. We get cool stats on clothing and ship skins, so they become ‘meaningful’. CCP you get my money/ISK and we all remain happy.

Go trolls…

Gold ammo? No thanks. P2W is not a way. Also EVE IP have zero issues with revenue. Go take look at PA economic reports.

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This would not constitute an ISK sink - it would be a PLEX sink. No ISK would leave the game. It would just be one more Pay to Win feature that would force players to buy PLEX to be competitive. That’s not a winning proposition for game health - and long-term, it is bad for CCP’s income stream because it would genuinely drive players out of the game.


In other words I would have to invest even more RL money (directly or by proxy) in addition to my generous subscriptions in order to meet ingame alliance demands. I can already see me enjoying this even more than I already enjoy clothing.

Unless CCP changes the system completely and gives Omegas slots for free clothing and skins for ships so that they don’t have to invest more RL money (and require alphas to buy slot activations and clothing items for RL cash), this is nothing but a crap show.

This is blatant P2W garbage that would actually kill Eve.

Now, stop shitting on the forums and go find a toilet.

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