Idea for mobile game, to tie in with eve, and make CCP much moneys

Can we have a mobile game we can import our characters into, and buy vanity items like shoes and dresses and whatnot, perhaps even with tools for players to submit their own designs, and dress our characters up and look at them on the bus, and
in boring meetings.
I for one think my social life would improve immensely if I could pull out my phone and say to a new acquaintance ‘do you like my space Barbie I did her make up and everything’-
and have the amendments we make to the characters in the app affect our portraits in eve, but no further functionality in game.
The functionality of the ap would basically just be captains quarters but maybe we could access real time game info like the map on the big screen, but not impact anything in game other than what hats we wear.

I think this would make big moneys for CCP and would not screw up eve as it would have as little impact on the game as captains quarters had, but would give people like me (daft though some may find us) an outlet for playing dress up.

I think this would make more income for CCP and be less likely to ruin eve than a mini rts with micro transactions, or making PI a mobile game or something.

It would be a free app, available to all subscribers, but all clothing (and furniture and whatnot) etc would need to be purchased, but we must be able to use isk so in game whales have the same chance to prettify as rl whales.

A game with no purpose, content or meaning at all, only for making money for CCP? At least make something like Gwent with it. And the name would then be Hello Kitty Captain’s Closet Adventures?

As an obligatory sidenote: I find it utterly disgusting and disgraceful that some players put paying money front and center these days in game development. In the recent past, people were outraged about the fact that developers put graphics over gameplay, but nowadays games don’t even need to have gameplay at all and people are willing to throw money at the developer for basically nothing. By the looks of it, and you are not the first one who does this as I have seen several people use exactly the same phrasing for their mobile EVE game idea, players don’t want to intrigue developers with amazing, meaningful, rewarding, outstanding gameplay ideas any more, they only want to rouse the interest of developers with their money. :facepalm:

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No I just thought it was the least likely to screw up the actual eve game way to do a tie in mobile app,
and I would enjoy it and pay £1 for a hat and as the app would cos t very little to maintain
(just captains quarters) that money could be used for eve.

I don’t want to intrigue anyone with an idea for a mobile game, because an intriguing mobile game would take devs and resources from eve, would probably fail, would still be full of microtransactions, and would still just be a shitty mobile game.

My idea isn’t even a game is it? But it would have value for some and be a nice income stream for CCP, don’t get your objections I’m afraid?

It was a silly idea perhaps, but I wouldn’t get too ‘utterly disgusted’ that some gamers realise that they don’t get games if the games don’t make money, and keeping a niche game niche means getting that money without altering the core gameplay to appeal to the lowest common denominator. EG. a mobile app that affects nothing.

You seem very angry today btw.

It would be nice to have a mobile app that tied in more with Eve, but aside from what already exists, I don’t see that happening. I think it is enough to have an app that allows us to check our training queue, read messages, and look at our assets and balances. Anything more is really just overkill. Certainly, it would be nice if the existing app could be updated to include adding skills to the training queue, but it really isn’t necessary. It would also be nice if we could look at the fittings for all of our ships with the app, but that isn’t really necessary either. The existing app, and the non-CCP variants do more than enough already. No real need to add anything else. It is a nice idea, but it really is more eye-candy than it is necessity.

In the recent past people were smarter. Those people moved on and most of them are no longer playing games, leaving only the ever-more-dumber millenials.


This is a disgusting idea.

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I get the ire I do.

If CCP had not recently declared their intent to ‘get into the mobile app marketplace’ I would not have suggested it.

But if an eve tie in mobile app with micro-transactions is now an inevitability, wouldn’t one that had no impact on the game beyond cosmetics, and was an outlet for CCP to make money off silly people like me who like to buy space barbies hats, be preferable to more p2w or ‘eve light’ or ‘mobile PI, run your planetary interactions from your I-Phone’, or even an eve RTS with gold ammo and spaceships for sale.

Wouldn’t it be the lesser of two evils?

The CCP eve mobile game is coming- be careful what you wish for I say!

PS. I buy my girls clothes with isk not real cash obviously, but I don’t look down on those who do.
I am not a millennial, why can’t a 39 year old man enjoy dressing up an imaginary space princess he based on a girl who was rude to him in Tesco once- we all have to get our kicks somehow.

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Yeah, no. Cheers for the giggle :thumbsupparrot:

You can be as crazy as you like, just don’t expect a torrent of support from your peers.

Well maybe some of my peers, but I’m not one to care too much (or frankly often notice) what my peers think
about my space Barbie
(if I told you I liked ponies would that give you a bigger giggle? I’m not saying that though. honest.)

A giggle a day keeps the Dr away, maybe this app could improve the health of the hardcore eve player base, giving them a good old chuckle, as others spend real money on imaginary shoes- as opposed to imaginary space ships- to help fund their game.

If a mobile tie in app is Hilmarr approved and incoming, what would you prefer, something that takes time and work, or just CQ for android, with only cosmetic changes making it in game?

They are gonna monetise the ■■■■ out of it anyway, I guess real men just don’t like dress up?

I’m glad CQ went from the game, never even used it, but I would on my phone, so I endorse the idea. In the game it was a waste of resources and made everything take twice as long. In an app it would not affect the game at all, and would keep us away from gold ammo or a training app that lets you win injector boxes for every ‘pirate’ you explode or whatever.

Or an RTS where you have to buy the best units etc.

Don’t blame me, blame CCP, I just like making my char look nice.

In the app it would be a waste of resources.

yeh I guess I cant argue with that

wonder what the actual mobile app will be

less waste of resources than lovely shoes hats and glamourous dresses, probably but I doubt it

PS. I think my wife agrees with you on this one judging by her eye rolls when I ask her to help me with the makeup

You should both give up make-up. You’ll feel better :slight_smile:

She doesn’t really use it herself- well mascara sometimes but not really
I did Patti’s make up al on my own
My wife has helped me with a couple of my other chars
but I’m not outing them on here for obv. reasons

Ponies are awesome! There is no need to say bad things about ponies just because people are laughing at your space Barbie. :wink:

I don’t know if I can support your space Barbie game, I always liked Stacey more than Barbie. :wink:

I prefer Rarity

Barbie is just a tool of the patriarchy rather than an example of the dragon being eaten by its own tail

Little girls have ever been constituted as objects of their father’s desire-
I would rather their own desires held equal weight and importance

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