CCP response needed. Mobile game in the universe of EVE Online

Old thread was archieved, so I’m asking again in the new forum.

o7 Capsuleer!

I have a dream of making comprehensive space game like EVE Online, but designed specially for mobile devices. So I’m making mobile game in the universe of EVE Online, which means I use art that resembles EVE ships and backgrounds (but doesn’t copy them). Here is my twitter with game art: .

I’ve got a complaint: .

My question is can I continue to make “o7 Capsuleer!” project? And if so, are there any restrictions monetizing the game? I mean, in-game purchases and advertisements (rewarded / non-rewarded).

Andrew Chuprina

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And one more question. Game development costs money. I know, it’s my problem, but now I lack approhimately 4000$ to publish a much better game in december.

I plan to build game like Insaniquarium , but about space.

Expenses are game art (50%), programming (40%) and sound (10%).

So can I lauch an Indiegogo campain for that? Is it legal?

And if I have to remove EVE-like game art, what should I remove, talking about this screen: ?

Tried to contact CCP via e-mail, twitter (wrote to CCP_Pointy_Bits) or slack (wrote to CCP Logibro, CCP Falcon, CCP Pointy Bits) - no answer =/

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Your question is on the business to business level and not on the gamer to publisher/game support level. The forum or mails to Game-Masters are not the appropriate channel for that. My educated guess is, that if you want to use parts of the “EVE-online” brand and artwork for your own product a simple “OK” from a CCP employee is not enough. What you have planned is not a “third party tool” for EVE but your own game that you want to profit from EVE’s popularity.

The standard approach for this would be to contact a lawyer with focus on intellectual property, digital rights management, trademarks and digital publishing and ask her/him for an offer/request to CCP. (Not to someone working at CCP but to CCP as a company itself, that is probably what CCP Pointy Bits was referring to with: “Better contact us”.) Without a good lawyered treaty your chances for a temporary restraining order may be high. (I heard things like that more than once: A game company is fine with a player made application at first and takes legal actions later making all the work put into it in vain.)

I have no clue what your chances to succeed with CCP are, as EVE and CCP are nothing like any other company I know. But I can tell you that most creative directors are very sensitive when they are going to lose control over parts of their original artwork. It’s mostly the finance guys that won’t mind selling licenses for artwork and intellectual property all over the place, but CCP has no history to do so AFAIK.


The problem is I’m not a businessman, don’t have any company and don’t have money for a lawer. So I’m contacting CCP by myself.

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What could possibly go wrong?

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What do you mean?

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Write a good old-school letter then. You can send it as an E-Mail attachment but make it look somewhat official when printed out. Form transports content. :slight_smile:


Hi, this is CCP_Copyright

So far Your project bears all signs of blunt copying of game assets.

Maybe try to join the official team and work on the mobile app with 100% integration and actually in the universe, not only “resembling” it like some cheap chinese ripoff?

I’d be happy to join but doubt that CCP would be interested in me. So far all I’m able to do is make fangame or (if that is impossible) change game art.

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Mobile client or a game in eve universe down the line is not completely out of the question, hell, we are at a point where it’s almost possible to launch the regular client on a phone.

That is what Nintendo have done:
And those games were fan made and distributed for free.

If you will start selling the game with EVE content derivatives, I think It can be only worse.

I think this is the adress you have to use to ask CCP about legal things:

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Got answer from CCP.

I’ll exclude artwork that may be mistaken by CCP intellectual property and any reference to EVE Online universe, including forum posts, so it won’t lead to confusion in the marketplace.

But I’ll continue to make the game.

Topic can be closed now. Thanks everyone.

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I wish you lot’s of luck and much success with your game project.


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Thank you

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It’s not possible for you to legally develop a video game for any platform based on EVE Online’s Intellectual Property, even if you’re not charging for it.

The rights to the game and all its assets are owned by CCP, so whether or not you’re charging for it, it’s viewed as copyright infringement.

I see your ticket in the queue, so I’ll take care of it there.

Awesome project, but unfortunately because of all the legal stuff surrounding it, there’s no real way for us to be cool with it unless you have a license to use our IP.

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