Found a mobile game that blatantly copies EVE Online Vexor

Yesterday i am browsing for a sci-fi mobile games on play store and accidentally found this game. When you finished the prologue (cringe prologue), there will be a tutorial. And i found this.
Vexor as a pirate ship that wants to attack your base

CCP should file a lawsuit against this lazy dev. Why? Because most of mobile games developer makes a good amount of money in a short time. So why not?

Star Citizen Vulture and EVE Online Venture is different even if the model looks similar. But this one, they just do the retexture and scaling xD.

And yes they did respond to my review.


Let’s make a copyright report guys?


Well spotted. I like the fact that the devs reply stated that they created every ship model for themselves. That ship is clearly a Vexor-class war vessel.


I wonder how it is in case when its still the legacy, non-redesigned version used there.

I will send a report to CCP tonight. I hate these low effort business model

Also funny how other games have more eve-looking ships than CCP game for mobiles. :smirk:


Lol, send another file report for that case.

Those games… there are lots of them, idk if they copy each other, or they are the same company in different names, they infested the Google Store.

I once played one of them, they copied Star trek vessels, using Star wars images… etc, idk why Copyright didn’t noticed this yet lol.

Wat? This ibis is from CCP game. Its EVE: War of ascension. :joy:

Because Google doesn’t that strict about copyright. Sigh

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Oh just realized that i thought you meant another game copies it xD
Btw thanks for giving me that game. I didnt know EVE has mobile game. Will surely play it


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images%20(32) remember any ship like this one from x universe?(ahem, tayra, ahem)

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Not even looks the same

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