Ark of war:republic FYI is using EVE IP in its advertisements

This might be old news, but I just ran into it. On youtube this mobile game Ark of War:Republic is using EVE IP in its advertisements for the game. Ship models and names. I assume this isn’t a licensed CCP use so just wanted to drop a heads up.


It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.

Terrible phone games are notorious for stealing IP, I hope CCP Legal tears them a new one.

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Is that where tears are coming from?
Is there a connection to the word “butt hurt”?
Being hurt causes tears too.


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Just ran across an AoW ad ripping the ‘Birth of a capsuleer’ trailer on youtube.

You guys better do smth.

The company making it is literally named 7 pirates :stuck_out_tongue:
And its probably some random chinese developer immune to the reaches of the DMCA

Imitation is the highest form of flattery

Is that what you told your professor after plagiarizing a former students term paper and trying to pass it off as your own?

No, brother. Imitaion is the lowest form of theft.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Good artists copy, great artists steal - Pablo Picasso

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YT is not though. It might be effectively impossible to sue them, idk, yet we still can remove those ads via YT support, I suppose.

It should be especially effective if CCP contacts the YT abuse team by itself as proper IP holder.

Moreover, I’ve seen ripped Fractured Space ingame footage, and some users report of Warhamner footage used as the same game ad.

Sure you can eventually get them pulled, but tbh its rarely worth the effort as by the time they are pulled they have served their purpose

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