Youtube ad for mobile game ripping off Prophecy trailer

(Vesan Terakol) #1

Hello CCP and fellow capsuleers.

I have stumbled upon an advertisement for a mobile game on Youtube, that takes footage of several space sci-fi games, including a sequence from the Prophecy trailer for EVE. I encountered it on my mobile device and was unable to screen capture it at the time. The game, for which the ad is, is called “Arc of War” and it uses the old browser MMO formula (e.g. Travian).

I am asking for help from fellow capsuleers, so we can gather as much data on this ad and compile evidence to present to CCP and other affected developers, as well as YouTube.

Keep in mind that this is targeted ad and it might not be displayed to you. I frequently receive ads for mobile games, movies and gadgets.
Additionally, i suspect the ad might be region locked to prevent exposure to crowds, that are more likely to report it. I am from Bulgaria.

If you manage to capture screenshots/video of the ad, post it here. I, myself, will attempt to capture it with OBS. After we gather enough material, i will e-mail it to CCP (unless they jump in on the thread first) and any other affected developers. So, lets engage in some corporate PvP and ruin the day of some fools that thought they were clever.

(Agondray) #2

would surprise me any, I hate those facebook and mobile games that glorify their game and when you go to play it, it is nothing like they show. kinda what like eve does now but atleast they still use their own damn ships.

(Old Pervert) #3

You’ve done all you need to do.

I can promise that if it matters to CCP (who are really the only stakeholders in the apparent copyright violation) they’re now aware of it and their marketing/legal dudes are looking at it.

Players won’t need to gather any more intel, because they’ve already got everything they need to start the process.

(Ebony Dallas) #4

or perhaps ccp gave them permission to use the piece in hopes of curious surfers would track down where the video came from. the ccp trailers they’ve used can be easily edited now by mobile apps to produce any kind of video now a days… just saying

(Vesan Terakol) #5

Took me quite some time to run into it again, despite puting considerable effort. The advertisement is still out there and this time i have the screenshots. Never got it in PC tho, all i get there are ribbons at the bottom of a video.

(Agondray) #6

i found one of the trailers but didn’t have that footage, lots of people are upset and have contacted many of the companies. apparently those companies told the people that contacted that law suits have been filed against the game.

(Rovinia) #7

They did the same with Elite Dangerous footage a while ago. Only thing you can do is report it to CCP and let the lawyers do their job. What can take a while.

And don’t give them money or play their games. If this company allready uses such shady / illegal tricks for marketing, you don’t want them to have your credit card number… :wink:

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