Anyone seeing new EVE Online advertising?

I wondered if the new leadership had started advertising more, but I haven’t seen any yet. Maybe we need to have a Keepstar vs Keepstar battle in Perimeter to get in the news again. :grin:

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Maybe you should stop blocking ads?! :wink:

I have seen a few Facebook ads, but if they want to advertise they need to get it on gamer channels on youtube. A good trailer like dominion or the one with real eve people.

Agreed. They should do something with The Yogscast, as many of those guys have actually played EVE (Goons).

Eve videos of gameplay are very rarely watchworthy. I have seen lore videos with simple graphics, reading stuff from an article or discussing things that are eve related and more watchwortthy than some PvP speed ups. Basically because I know what would happen on those speed up PvP videos.

Tournament was a lot better to watch when people were free to come up with some lottery stuff that could overwhelm or lose on 50/50 % rate. It was lottery, it was fun because unexpected. Last time nearly everyone had Leshaks as flagships, boooooooooooo, boooring. The final fight was good tho, because ECM previous mechanics was fun (while it lasted) at least for tournaments.

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Consider this. EVE has an abysmal retention rate. So wasting money on advertising is not where they should be focusing. That and most people have ad blockers so wouldn’t see them. Plus CCP tends to point its ads toward people already playing the game.

If they want more players they need to fix the game. Preferably before they’ve managed to turn off every potential customer in the world with the stupid stuff they’re doing lately. Better to have quality up front than try to convince people later on that this time they won’t screw it up.

To a new player they have not done anything stupid! Retention is by providing immersive content and that is what is missing!
Ease of entry and hand holding is not what eve is about it drops you in the pit as soon as you enter and most can’t handle that!

Foggy and Nanna don’t bother to reply as you have no history (shown history) or credibility to respond

Why did you tag me on that? It has nothing whatsoever to do with what I wrote.

Other than being a nice example of a straw man and not making much sense, it has nothing to do with anything.

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Reading comprehension of your own post is required!

Don’t bother replying as you talk jibba jabba!

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Fixing the game? what that means actually?

I think most adevertising is by word of fellow players, on media by articles too, not by ads. Not by you tube wids of gameplay, because as I have noticed its very, very niche to call those EVE related stuffs new player friendly, its not casual sounding, its very exotic sounding. When I started explaining what I do in low sec by exploring there, it called for a very long tirade and why I do those things. What you do in PVP you cant even explain very much if you dont pause or resort to only quick niche EVE talk.

I fly Gilas, but why? Explain passive tank, combination of missile and drone features that make it stand out, and its very simple ship to fly and use. ITS REALLY HORRIBLY NICHE LANGUAGE EXPLANATION ANYWAY.

Really! then post on your main instead of being the random you have always been!

Wouldn’t change what I’m saying that you are being triggered by.

Seems you need to!

You sound concerned!

Are we getting butterflies we might actually have to step up to the plate?

You post like my kids text.

I’ll tell you what I tell them. Calm down. Think it out. Then make one coherent post rather than a bunch of inconsequential snippets of nothing.

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Ahh! You wimped out! I understand!

So your main is where?

I do not expect a reply! As below!

I’m sorry, but I just can’t help you with that one. I’m pretty sure Foggy Bernstein is well out of my zone of influence.
Now this is an example of talking the talk and not walking the walk!

It’s a balance CCP is making between expenditure and cash out.

Eve is done, finished. CCP is already on its death bed and the exit sign is well seen by the dev team who will jump ship when the pearl abyss sale has matured.

CCP need to hit subscription targets to get higher bonus price for the sale but they’ll want to spend as little cash as possible to hit these targets.

PA is set to be holding a smoking bag of ■■■■ at the end of all this.

you can’t advertise broken game

nope, but then again, i block ads like it’s a sport.

what better advertisement can you get when this happens.

we need more of this me thinks :wink: