I will start by saying I would rather be playing EVE then writing this, so pardon the short post on the idea.

The way they work now is mundane. I do not know the method of playback for the billboards. So keep that in mind. I am assuming that it is a download into the client. Live stream of the skin, and spectacle commercial would be interesting for lag sake. I would like to see tutorials for the main activities in EVE. The simple to understand flash animations to show new players what skills they need, as an alpha player. Because that is where most people begin before they become omega. Playing the same thing over and over about a pair of glasses, and skins most players don’t really want, or cannot afford doesn’t relate. Even showing off some of the features of some ships, or going into a wormhole, and the big bad wolf in the Sabre watching from the dust clouds all cloaked. Here is the deal they don’t have to have realism. it’s a dam billboard for C***** sake.

you missed my point, I wasn’t really referring to corps/alliances or coalitions advertising. Mainly for the new player base, even some simple powerpoints to address some of the reasons so many people quit. For example in rookie chat, “What is this yellow container?” Boom you lost your ship noob.

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