This in-game advertisement is shameful, CCP


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Short explanation: This is an in-game ad that pops up in the middle of your screen when you die as a new player.

This is probably one of the most shameful and counterproductive things CCP has done advertising the game, and that is saying something.

This basically tells brand new players who lack any context that their corvette/noobship is worth 5 dollars, and fixes that price in their mind. It basically turns off new players to the game by attaching a monetary price to loss, no matter how trivial.

It robs new players of the realization that most of their starter/low sp ships are cheap and disposable and something they should have fun with, and says “hey bud, no big deal! spend 5 dollars for a new ship!” There is no real contextualization in game at all for this. It simply betrays the game as EXTREMELY pay-2-win in appearance instead of teaching players the reality of loss by linking them to eve-uni, guides, etc.

Generally speaking, the amount of ads in game for new players is insane. Mining? Get a popup for an expert system, just drop a few bucks! Scanning? ANOTHER EXPERT SYSTEM, JUST A FEW MORE DOLLARS!

Lose your Ibis? Five dollars and you’re back!

Is this the message we’re really trying to send to new players?

In my mind this is the BDO/Pearl Abyss influence in full tilt, but I promise you this is NOT convincing new players to stay in the game. It brings EVE down to the level of mobile cash grab games.


EVE used to be special expressly for being a game that didn’t prey on players’ frustration by throwing them these kinds of Pay2Win crap like other MMOs but nowadays CCP is following the exact same course of every other crappy MMO out there.
They must be hurting for money because all those deals we been posting about show plain desperation on their part and instead of improving the game so new players stay and old players come back, no, they double down on the in-game sales and microtransactions.
Compared to the old EVE of 10 years ago, EVE might as well be dead because this isn’t the EVE I signed up for.


Funny thing is that it’s also deceptive. You don’t come back stronger just because you got some millions of ISK. You also cannot just go out and get your revenge this instant because you still don’t know a thing about what you are doing. It’s just hypocritical predatory marketing.


Welcome to current game MTX advertising, might want to get used to it, this is the future of gaming sadly

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Appearently the summer of rage didn’t leave a lasting impression.
Time for a summer in the sun i guess - nowadays CCP is beyond the point where it’s woth caring.

This is just final confirmation that scarcity will never end and EVE will spend it’s final years milking as much as possible from the remaining cattle


Everything is fine. It is just the summer slump.


Sure it did.

It demonstrated to CCP that no matter how badly they treat their base, most players that threaten to quit, don’t. And those that do quit quietly slink back when the furor dies down.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


For people who play a cutthroat game, many players are naive about what CCP is up to.


Yeah, that’s why the number of players keep falling dramatically :roll_eyes:



Oh man this and r/Eve… have fun with this one :fire:

It was like a one-time drop of about 8000 characters. We appear to be stabilizing.


Yes, stabilizing like a sunk ship settling in the bottom of the sea.


I see EVE Echoes wasn’t enough for CCP. Now they are shamelessly monetizing newbies, trying to attract the credit card wallet warrior whales to become the future of Tranquility / desktop PC EVE, too.

This is absolutely disgusting. I cannot in good conscience continue giving CCP Games any money. -2 unsubbed accounts. No, you can’t have my stuff, that’d just encourage you to stay.

I’m now remembering also how Rockstar Games continuously nerfed Grand Theft Auto Online’s ingame wealth generators to incentivize Shark Cards (PLEX).

My only regret with EVE is that I didn’t play it at launch. It would’ve been nice to have had a longer time with this game before it sold out to F2P. I’ll get my EVE fix vicariously from Andrew Groen’s Empires of EVE Volumes I and II – look back on the glory days, have nostalgia for times I never played. It was fun while it lasted. :frowning:

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I see they are finally fulfilling their promise of better explaining devastating loss aka. “the magic moment” to new players.

CCP, I always had faith in your ability to create a great new player experience. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Yeah, the Magic Moment just took on a whole new sinister meaning…


This is at this point just frustrating.


It’s good that CCP are aware of this magic moment. And that they know they have the opportunity to teach the new player something at this crucial point in their EVE career.

I’m just not so certain a PLEX advertisement is the best thing to show them at that moment…


Imagine if they advertised mining / hauling / combat permits. :upside_down_face:


Just checking in to see if there are still people left that would defend this as not pay2win. Please say hello


You’re still not winning by buying this package.

But it seems malicious to prey on newbies at that moment with a PLEX sale, instead of teaching them how the game works.