Well this makes EvE look like a terrible game CCP :(

Hey Kids! Buy More Tank for a Fiver!

This is the most cringey micro-transactioney advert i’ve ever seen come out of EvE Online. Someone who doesen’t play EvE would take a very different message from this than me, and think that in EvE people with real cash can buy a harder tank than those without among other things. If i saw that i wouldn’t bother clicking it because i’d assume it was a terrible game :persevere:


Lately CCP community relations seem to be on a roll about doing what they do worst-- community relations. (Sorry, just saying, tough love). But bah on all that, still produce the most thinking and cohesive and makes-sense MMO that I can find. And it runs round the clock, like an 8th wonder of the world. And the art department continues to quietly create beauteous new marvels. WTH, I appreciate and I’m in for this village for the duration. If nothing else, just to hang out and see what happens next. :slight_smile:


I have to agree sadly, that advert makes it look like buying plex gives you an actual combat advantage against those that don’t =/

That advert makes me think of…
Oh wait, I know had to look up my email history,

what a shite game where RL cash is the way to survival not just power!!

Combine that with all the news articles that put $ price tags on every major battle and EVE looks like a hardcore P2W game for outsiders.



I have to agree, sadly.

Working in a multi-countries company in Europe I have the possibility of talking to a variety of people who don’t shy away from games and those who have not tried EVE yet really did think this provide a real advantage for real money.

Those, who do/did play EVE (i recruited a few during the last nine years) are not at all happy with the general direction CCP has taken. Even those who quit are saddened by this.

I am guessing it looks OK for those who don’t know what EVE’s ‘core values/principles’ are, but for those who do, well…

I wager that people who buy into the offer will be disappointed, feel betrayed, even. And won’t stay.


With Plex becoming a golden standard, and isk losing both innate and time value, it’s starting to look quite similar in terms of emerging trends as already in place on the Chinese eve server.

Which incidentally is absolutely hilarious as an adventure. Until they tell you stories of past tense there which you now recognise here.


Indeed that is a really weird way of saying that “if you take this offer, you get two fully fitted frigates instead of having to start with a noob frig like all those other losers.”

It is no longer possible to be surprised by this.
CCP has just given up the pretense that Eve is not pay-to-win.
CCP went pay-to-win when skills became something you could buy or sell, and they have finally started acknowledging it.


Sad but true.


—> https://meta.eveonline.com/t/starter-pack/11717?u=eleonora_crendraven

Eve is not pay to win. You could max every skill through injectors and you still will have no clue what you are doing. You’ll still take a raven out thinking you are a god and get taken out by s loan kestrel.


It depends how you define win. If winning is buying all you want when you want you are correct. If it is enjoying the game and get kills and be a good pvp’er or fc, you are soooo wrong.

EVE is clearly not pay-to-win. Nobody who knows anything about this game would ever think that. All the SP in the world won’t teach you how to actually do anything correctly, and at the end of the day, that’s the difference between success and failure. That’s why competent PvPers are still able to slay battleships in their Rifters.

The problem here isn’t that the game is pay to win, as I understand it the problem is that CCP appears to be trying to advertise it that way. Now, why you or I should give a ■■■■ how CCP advertises the game is another question, of course. I know I don’t.

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Question for those arguing that EVE is pay to win: how does one win EVE?

Its technically “pay to have advantage”.

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More like pay to be a juicier target for people who actually know what they are doing.


No, it’s perfect. Advertising for PLEX by telling players how they can upgrade their Rifter to a Wolf shows exactly how Eve is so NOT pay to win.

It’s not P2W. It’s not even pay for advantage.

What it is is pay for nothing but realizing this game is nothing like CCP’s advertising dept painted it as and then going to find another game with more honest marketing.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses: