CCP is at it again V2: Big Money Edition

To continue from the thread that @Phoebe_Obray made the last time CCP tried pulling off this selling Skill Points shenanigans.

Yet again CCP tries/wants to sell Skill Points as a part of a package in order to normalize the idea of selling Skill Points directly. Skill Points are an invaluable part of the EVE skill ecosystem and should be treated as such. Not as a quick way to get some cash and to make Skill Points an even more of a casual thing to be thrown around and sold for real money.

Don’t quote me on this as I can’t find the exact quote. But I could swear when Skill Injectors and Extractors were introduced, CCP stated the following. “We will never sell Skill Points”.

Even recently as March 2021 (Three months ago) CCP Rattati said on a stream the following quote.

“We definitely don’t want to sell skill points” CCP Rattati, EVE Online Director of Product (OZ_EVE 2021).

Here is a timestamped section of said interview so you may even hear it yourself if you so wish.

The Ancient Gaming Noob blog also wrote a whole article about this exact same thing and even stated that right after the interview in the above video, CCP began selling over 1.6 million Skill Points as a product itself.

If you don’t like this then please, let CCP hear your voice. Lets stop Skill Points being sold for money.


BS as always, you can diverge

Don’t blame CCP. It’s the players that keep buying these packs that’s the problem.

Stop buying them and CCP will stop selling them and find some other way to monetize the game. Like updates that help the game instead of the PA bottom line. Or returning to player driven content. Or implementing some form of personal interaction for the player base (WIS) to sell us non game wrecking stuff for.

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They’re just trying to make a little money to go on vacations. If I didn’t have to furnish my new house I’d probably get one or two of those “deals”.
I mean, we all want for the game to be improved and whatnot but CCP isn’t going to work for free.
Give them money so they can work on nerfing-sorry-improving the game and all that good stuff.


These Oz interview keeps on giving, doesn’t it? It’s such a great source of entertainment. :joy:

Recently they even started to sell ammo and implants in a pack for real money. Expect more to come from that angle, too.

On the surface, this particular pack is at least not a total rip-off like almost all the previous packs. They value of the items in it are worth more in RL money if you buy them individually (71 Euro for 6M Omega, 99 Euro for 2860 plex, 6M of MCT are 120 Euro + 500k SP, which is 14 days worth of Omega.) While it is still just outstanding how much Rattati doesn’t care about what he says or have influence over CCP deranged marketing department, this pack is for once not a complete scam.


You say that like CCP didn’t create the skillpacks in the first place.

It used to be their duty to keep the harmony and balance of the EVE universe and for the majority of EVE’s lifetime they took that balance very seriously.
As if the playercount numbers didn’t already show a worrying trend, this type of behaviour from CCP is killing EVE’s communities. It’s slow but it’s so obvious. Now that lockdowns are ending there’s only the dedicated players left and most of them are royally pissed.


Thanks for the input, 10 minute old character.

And…er…welcome to our community?

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The addition of skill injectors/extractors was a massive mistake that pushed the game a great ways towards pay to win; selling skill points created from the void just makes it so much worse. Ironically this undercuts what CCP is trying to do with scarcity, it is hard to make caps and supers feel valuable again if one day old characters are trying to get in them, it just makes them seem overpriced.


I mean…who cares? Its their game and if they wanna sell SP so what? Don’t like it go play something else?

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You almost feel bad for CCP…almost.

CCP marketing keeps pumping this stuff out knowing the playerbase hates it, while the Pearl Abyss execs have faces planted against the office window, blowing and breathing against the glass with menace.


Keep it on topic people.


It’s worth discussing this little gem too. This has to be, by far, the worst marketing trick CCP has done. It even pops up IN GAME when you die as a new player! Automatically!

in context of the game and universe this is the worst way to retain new people “oh you died, have 5 bucks? just buy your way back in”

This doesn’t make new people want to stay, it will 100% make most of them quit though. It makes EVE feel like those other terrible knockoff space games of the 2010s you could fork tons of IRL money into.


I thought we did that by buying PLEX and subscriptions. CCP Was fine when it came to how profitable they are last time I heard prior to injectors being introduced.

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It is legitimately worrysome how out of touch CCP seem to be with this game.

Are they actively trying to make new players quit? Because that has to be the worst thing for player retention I have ever seen.

For the love of god and everything holy please would you PLEASE stop ruining the game.


I mean, this didn’t work for any of the last times they sold SP directly via single purchase packages, what makes you think its going to work this time?

What the hell CCP?

@CCP_Swift did anyone show you this?

Not enough :psyccp:


Calm your tits its just a PLEX advertisement with a word missing, correct wording is likely to be “Recover from your loss” as its just advertising a PLEX package that already exists

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Its hamsters, they have taken over Hilmar mind with telepathic force. The rest of employees had to comply, even when they didnt want.

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