Copyrighted material from Ark of War

Seen this ad on my face book and in the ad they show off three ships with the first one being a CLEAR copy of the Avatar Titan and the second being a copy of the Brutix. Don’t know much about the game or who’s making it. But the ad can be seen at the time of this post on Google play when you go to ArkOfWars game page in Google play. Can’t find it anywhere else to link it here unfortunately.

Not sure where to post this but thought I’d try here so I could bring it to CCPs attention. If someone else sees this and knows how to get this to CCP the right way, please do.

I think they’re probably aware of it. The blatant copy info/pic was on reddit, and that’s where ccp devs hang out. Those are good ship designs. Imitation/flattery and all. It would be funny if arkowar was forced to use the old dominix and moa designs instead. In the end - IMO it’s ccp’s problem

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I wonder if CCP/Pearl Abyss licensed out the ship designs?

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Just seen the ad today for “ark of war - dreadnaught” They have bigger problems than CCP, they had a modified millennium falcon model. Disney wont like that at all. CCP could do the minimum to protect their IP while sitting back and let Disney destroy them, While CCP eats popcorn.

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