Mobile app plagiarizing EVE (and other games)

The mobile app Nova Empire available on Google play is clearly using EVE art (and Star citizen ship pictures). In particular the federation navy comet can be seen at 45 seconds of the trailer.

Wasn’t sure where else to post this, but they do appear to have in-app purchases which means they’re making money off it. Just thought ccp should know. Toodles.

they look different enough to me to get the patent to make and publish the product. I used to research patents for a firm, before they were to be called to a judge to make determinations on similarities? yea, idk if your claim will stand. the art looks AS GOOD as Eve, the ships do too, but its evident to me, it is not a copy of the ship models or hulls, the ui, etc… its different ENOUGH is all I mean. and thats all they have to prove to win the patent or copyright.

and I mean as a secondary income. im not a patent attorney. :slight_smile: I did several projects for a friend who lacked the mechanical interpretation skills to note differences and similarities of those products.

I don’t know much about IP, its just cringe worthy to see stuff like that.

The images they used of the fed navy comet we’re obviously still shots around the 45-48 second mark, but they were unmistakably comets for anyone that has played eve for a time.

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I didnt see a video… Ill look again. :confused:

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