EVEOnline Portal idea's

Hey guys,

I love the EVE Online Portal on my mobile phone. Helps with checking mails and answering them. I would like to see the new CCPlease on there too. That way I can click on dev blogs and read straight from my phone while i’m at work or on holidays. I also love messing around with fittings and wondered if it would be possible to put the ship simulator into it as well.

Some improvements to it. I would like to see is the ability to look at players info and corp/alliance information. That way when i check my mails from someone random i can check out who they are or if i put a standing on them already.

If anyone else uses EVEOnline Portal then please share your thoughts too.


Moving this to player features and ideas.


we have a portal again?

we used to have one and you could look at character profiles and such and it was left to rot and eventually deleted

I have really hoped that this app would be developed further, but sadly, it seems to have been generally abandoned.

If you use an iPhone, I’d suggest checking out Neocom II (if you haven’t already). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the specific features you mention here, but it has vastly more functionality than EVE Portal does.

I have noticed it has not been touched in a while. Sadly I dont own an iPhone as apple products are not as universal as I’d like them to be.

It does look at your own character files and reply to mails. Sadly not others.

Maybe with the new mobile version of eveonline they will look into this aswell.

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