Web version of Evemon / EVE Portal mobile type functionality for characters

Web version of Evemon type functionality for characters.

This would be useful for Linux users and we can also check our characters without being on the gaming machine.

Unless you need to build skill plans, the official portal mobile app works decently enough.

There’s also capsuleer.app

I don’t want the mobile app, I want a web version for a browser.

You assume everybody has a “smart” (lol) phone.

Also, the mobile app is junk, and so is Google Play.

No need to get high and mighty about it. Just trying to help you.

This isn’t a thread requesting help, it’s a thread about suggesting a feature.

It is you who derailed the thread. This is a forum category for players features and ideas, not assistance.

Yes for the game. Not for third party tools that ccp has nothing to do with.

Big words from someone in the wrong category themselves


I look forward to seeing what you produce.
Or are you demanding others to do the work for you?

From your contributions in other threads this must obviously be within your skill set. Let us know how it goes.

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CCP are already taking features from Evemon and putting it into the game, skill planner for one. Mobile character app also.

CCP already are in the process of pulling in the third party tool features.

At this rate, there won’t be a need for those apps, except a web version would be useful for those that just want it in a browser on the desktop.

You either don’t play eve or you don’t actually use the third party tools if you belive this


Well, perhaps if Evemon ran on Mono (Linux) I could use it more, hence my hoping for a web version.

The issue apparently is the SSO/OAuth code according to the github issue repository and nobody wants to abstract/replace that code to work on both .net and Mono.

I don’t want to run it in a VM or Wine.

Sounds like a you problem

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This is a forum for feature suggestions, why are you here except to derail threads.

CCP are already taking features from the third party tools, it’s no stretch to have a web version of their character monitoring app for those that don’t want (or cannot) to use Android/iOS/Google Play/Apple Store.

Basically make the CCP Eve mobile app be available on a web page. It has plenty to do with CCP, THEY OWN THE MOBILE CHARACTER APP, it is not third party. It is owned by CCP. It’s called Eve Portal.

TLDR: Make Eve Portal mobile app, accessible on a web page.

Wait you want ccp to remake the entirety on eve mon for a web browser?

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Nope, I want basic character monitoring on a web page, just as Eve Portal does. That is owned by CCP.

Everybody knows what I am referring to, EveMon/Eve Portal type functionality. Basic character monitoring.

Then why aren’t you asking for eve portal in Bruder browser format?

Also all of eve can already be played from the browser

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That’s what this thread is about, EveMon and Eve Portal type character monitoring in a web page.

I don’t care what you call it, as long as I can load it in a web page to monitor my characters.

I don’t want to play eve in the browser, just monitor characters on a lightweight page, Eve anywhre is for tablets and omega only, the web game is not for desktop gamers otherwise they wouldn’t waste their time on a Mac native client.

Seems like there are a lot of options you just refuse to use.


The options are not usable. There is no options for those that don’t have mobiles. That is why a web page version of a character monitor would be useful, also for machines you won’t be installing the game or other apps onto.

Makes absolutely no sense to have to install a game or buy a mobile device to monitor your character.

Imagine if the account management page was mobile only or you had to install the game to manage your account.

Also, stop derailing threads.

Like I said you can monitor all of that via the browser client.

No need to install anything and like your said it can even run on tablets

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I don’t have Eve anywhere nor do I want to login to the full game. I just want to monitor the character.