Is Evemon working on Linux through Wine?
I couldn’t make it work, i can add a offline character and play with skills but that’s it.

Latest Wine, dotnet472, corefonts…

If it doesn’t work there are any other similar skill planners?

You could run it in a KVM or VirtualBox instance in seamless mode.

That’s probably your simplest solution. W10 can run without quite well lightweight on a virtual instance. In fact it was designed to be instancable easier than pre W10 releases (activation was a hurdle for those releases on VM’s).

You can find ISO images on the Microsoft site here Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) (Microsoft official site).

What I would like to see is a web version of EveMon, one we can self host. I opened a topic on that here Web version of Evemon / EVE Portal mobile type functionality for characters

People have also been wanting builds for Mono for EveMon or a native version with QT perhaps. The problem is CCP forces a “devkey”, and not just the user ESI token. I am certinally not going to release desktop apps in the wild with MY devkey PKCE challenge on it. My devkey is for MY use, nobody else.

Linux EveMon tickets here Issues · peterhaneve/evemon · GitHub


Man, i hate web version of apps due to privacy. If selfhost then yes, would be nice.

Thanks for info, i guess i’m gonna have to set up a VM.

Perhaps then a PWA (Progressive web app) client version would be more suitable then.

I also have a topic on that :slight_smile: Progressive Web App version of Eve Portal

With game asset information being moved out of package delivery to ESI delivery this should be easier SDE parity checklist · Issue #1103 · esi/esi-issues · GitHub

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