Evemon on Mono on Linux

Is there a working version running on Mono?

Would save me having to spin up a Windows VM.

Any bounties being offered to port this to Mono on Linux?

Anybody got this to build clean in MonoDevelop on Linux?

The code is available on GitHub https://github.com/peterhaneve/evemon/releases/tag/4.0.17

Feel free to port it yourself. If anyone else had both the ability and the desire, it would probably already be done.

I would imagine many using Linux and Eve would have the desire, no excuses really since Mono is available and Eve Api uses standards, developers cited SSO as the problem, but, that’s a standard as far as I am aware (OAuth2)

(I checked their issue database and found this - https://github.com/peterhaneve/evemon/issues/234 )

Yes I get there is a stigmata with Mono / .net and Ximarin on Linux but, the alternative is Wine or Windows in a virtual machine, which is worse imo.

EveMon is almost there for cross platform, that’s the point of .Net, Mono. ECMA and C¤ et al… Also why I suggested a bounty to get this working.

Nothing will change on Linux whilst we’re still clinging to Windows coattails by other means (Wine and VM’s)

3rd party tools for Eve are a labor of love - beyond occasional donations and advertising, nobody is getting paid to do the work. EVEMon almost died a couple of years ago during the transition to ESI until Peter Han stepped in to rescue it.

The tool will migrate to Linux if, and only if, someone with the required skills invests the effort to develop it and, more important, maintain it as CCP makes changes to the game - it’s not fire and forget!

See this Evemon on Mono on Linux note the term “bounty”, that means reward

Perhaps we could raise a bounty from all those interested and then pay it out to whomever completes the task

Since you’re in a Linux forum, I assume you may be interested

The code is almost there, mono is on Linux, tools are on Linux, just needs to make it better written to run on both, not a complete rewrite, just the parts they said, the SSO they called out in the issues on Github. OAuth2 as far as I am aware is a standard and platform agnostic.

C# is a standard, .Net is a standard, just use the standard parts, it is mostly done.

ESI uses standards for auth, REST, JSON, OAuth2, HTTP, these are not platform specific, if they took a hard dependency on someting bad, remove it and use the standard. Plenty of libraries for OAuth2 out there, pick one.

There is no Linux specific skills outside of packaging in AppImage or something that is required, it uses INTERNET STANDARDS, and the point of mono and .net is it is also cross platform and it works pretty well across both.

As for keeping in step with CCP, they do that already with the existing version, if they did it right it would work on both with the same effort.

I have seen far more complex apps work on mono on Windows and Linux perfectly fine.

.NET Dev here, plus other languages, etc. Issue I see here is as I look through the code their is a lot of Windows specific stuff. Calls to native DLLS for native stuff like Shell32.dll. Name pathing, and a few others. Not to mention the gui programing. You will have to go GTK or webview, depending on your preference.

Best scenario, keep the core that does all the logic and maybe requests. Most requests should be .Net standard like functions so should be all good. Have not changed much over the years. Mono is cool but to make it really OS transferable I would opt for .NET Core. The UI would probably best be done as a webview to make it cross platform if that is your direction else GTK might be it.

I am even considering a clean room version on .Net Core and UI undecided between GTK# and some other higher level UI toolkit.

Problem with that is the stigmata of .Net and Linux, well, imo, tough :smiley: Could be done in Python but probably not going to go there.

Starting with basically pulling player char stats

I am thinking of a different architecture for it, perhaps a process / daemon that basically keeps in sync with the accounts authenticated and then a UI hooking into that, then people can hook into it via the command shell, web or any UI they want to build on it

JSON/Text/CSV/REST kind of API into it so it can be loosly coupled and works with anybody

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