EveMon or similar for Linux

Is there an EveMon ported to Linux (I presume on top of Mono and no, I don’t want to discuss Wine) or do we just use Eve Portal on Android nowdays?

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How much ISK (if that is allowed) donation would it take for somebody to port this to Mono on Linux?

I also suggest an AppImage package for simpllicity and work effort.

Is evemon open source? If its written with dotnet than that might be feasible. Personally it would be easier for me to hack a basic monitor together just using GTK.

Yes it is open source

I’ll look into it. Add me in game. I’ve been looking for Linux nerds to chat with. I’ll see if porting is feasible. Personally I prefer GTK or QT but whatever works I guess.

Just an update here. So far I’ve made some pretty good progress. Right now mainly working on the build system. I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 and also installed mono from upstream. using nuget I can install dependencies and the upstream mono provides msbuild. Also I had to fix a case sensitivity for System.Configuration assembly reference (so far this has been the only Linux port I’ve needed to do).

Though now I’m stuck at some class serialization issue do to some classes constructors not being parameterless. I’ll have to look into this more I suspect this might be a mono limitation or a version issue.

I’ll keep plugging away later. Going to take a break for now.