So with dxvk 2.0 out ... could we get a native linux client please ? ;-)

Well - the title says it all.

With the release 2.0 of dxvk Release Version 2.0 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub we also get dxvk-native, which would act a drop-in replacement of d3d11 for linux builds of applications that rely on windows specific d3d11 dependencies… I know there are a lot of issues in the game that have higher priority, affect more players, attract more new players, etc., but it would be nice if we could get a bit more love for our Penguins as well.

(still grumpy about the decision to go with dx12 instead of directly using vulkan as a cross plattform option)

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last i saw, they had no plans to do anything with linux… even the devs that were using linux dropped it…iirc

I suspect EVE Anywhere is the new “linux” client.

In my opinion we even don’t need generic Linux support, it would be enough, if CCP would support EVE via Steam on Linux. This should reduce the efforts for CCP while on the same side it would help most of us too.