So with dxvk 2.0 out ... could we get a native linux client please ? ;-)

Well - the title says it all.

With the release 2.0 of dxvk Release Version 2.0 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub we also get dxvk-native, which would act a drop-in replacement of d3d11 for linux builds of applications that rely on windows specific d3d11 dependencies… I know there are a lot of issues in the game that have higher priority, affect more players, attract more new players, etc., but it would be nice if we could get a bit more love for our Penguins as well.

(still grumpy about the decision to go with dx12 instead of directly using vulkan as a cross plattform option)


last i saw, they had no plans to do anything with linux… even the devs that were using linux dropped it…iirc

I suspect EVE Anywhere is the new “linux” client.

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In my opinion we even don’t need generic Linux support, it would be enough, if CCP would support EVE via Steam on Linux. This should reduce the efforts for CCP while on the same side it would help most of us too.



And I find it kind of funny and ironic that a nerdy game isn’t supported on the most nerdy platform - Linux.

Eve and Linux are like sister and brother, so lookalike, in their separate fields. How much time and resources CCP wasted on failed projects, you’d think that a simple Linux support would only add to more happy players. But no.


@Snowflake_Tem isn’t Eve Everywhere a paid service? I have attempted to run other games through GeForce Now and it lags like there is no tomorrow. No way am I paying for streaming game lags.

I have often said, many online games can be ported to Linux OS. We are talking about some very minor compilation changes to the client. The MS Windows loyalists always chime in back at this with, “The Linux OS community isn’t large enough to make the work needed profitable.”.

So to all the wannabe accounts out there… Let’s assume the Linux OS gaming community is only 2% ( I heard numbers between 5 to 10 percent) we all know it is getting larger. Once your game announces Linux OS client. The Linux OS users will arrive making the percentage larger.

Next, if you are making revenues of 1 million USD per month off the current players, you would see an immediate increase of at least 2%. I don’t know any millionaires but I doubt they look at 20 grand laying on the ground and say, “That isn’t worth bending over to pick it up. That sort of work is beyond me.”.

Cost would be minimal since you are not having to pay out a commercial conglomerate for technical support. Most code monkeys in the Linux community work for peanuts by comparison. I am 100% behind ANY game company that releases a Linux client.

While I agree with the general sentiment that a linux client would be nice, these arguments generally are asking for a solution that doesn’t have a problem. 99% of the time eve works just fine right out of the box on plain wine 7 and 8, as well as steam’s provided proton. Occasionally one has to fiddle with core fonts or whack qt addons to the base system, but those are very dependent on individual distros.

Let us just be appreciative that it works as is, and report the bugs the best we can. The devs do take peeks at bugs noted and occasionally fix things necessary that aren’t already fixed by the community within 3 hours. :slight_smile:

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honestly, the whole usage issue should be seen mixed. I believe that the actual amount of linux users on eve is below 1%(talking about real people) - that should just be seen as is, I mean most people interested in games dont start out with linux. According to linux gamers make a market share of 0.84 % of the desktop market. At the same time, I am finding a desktop market share for the mac platform of about 7%(cnbc, so not really to be trusted) and 17%(again while making up a 1.5% market share for steam gaming(compared to the 0.84% for linux). This is likely due to apple computers mostly being novelty items used commercially(like the porsche 911 that you dont buy because its more useful than an audi, but because it shows status, not saying apple products are worthless here). Now, I might be wrong here, but does apple even still make desktop pcs? and with desktop i mean actual stationary pcs with dedicated gpus? I dont know but i think they dont. which pretty much leaves apple users to running one or two accounts due to the integrated gpu limitation, unless you really wanna keep switching accounts. For linux, most of these people will have a desktop pc, with a dedicated gpu and lots of resources(simply because usually on a pc the ram isnt soldered in, neither are cpu and gpu), leaving me to the assumption that I am not the only linux user having 6 omega accounts. That means that besides having a little more than half the market share of OSX, linux probably pulls in just as much or even slightly more revenue. Yet CCP thinks its a good idea to put resources into OSX while ignoring linux(which compared to 5, 10, 15, 20 years ago has made quantum leaps not only in games working under it but also in games being played on it).
Considering it from a business standpoint, it would at least make sense to sidetrack some of the mac devs to keep linux working, considering that osx and linux share a common ancestor, and code written for mac os is generally closer to linux code than windows code is to either. But hey, its just my two cents


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A native client will mean that CCP is in charge of keeping it updated and addressing problems the community would otherwise address via wine/dxvk.

Which means that it will be outdated on release and just get worse from that point on, until after a couple months later everyone uses wine + dxvk + the windows client again because it offers a better experience.

Because that is what happened the first time they made a linux client. And it happened again with the native launcher (which wasn’t really supported).

tl;dr a native client will just waste everyones time


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