A "funny" observation

Dear CCP,

you should really consider dropping your Windows 10 support and provide official Linux support for EVE :wink:

Rationale: I usually play my EVE on Linux, mostly on my PC with some horsepower, sometimes on a weak Linux Laptop. I experience EVE client crashes very seldom. This time I have only a Windows 10 Laptop available… and guess what… this EVE client is crashing regularly when jumping through gates.

What the heck is going on?

How can it be that the game runs better on a non-officially supported OS than on the official one? Okay, honestly speaking I know the answer… Windows is simply bull****.

I would love to see official Linux support, especially for Arch because that’s what I use btw.

iirc, it’s just the launcher that doesn’t support Linux, and everything beyond that (i.e. the game) is cross-platform. I could be wrong though.

I can confirm this too. Last week decided to install windows 10, as I had a win10 License I wasnt using. Wiped out my ubuntu mate SSD and put instead Windows, to see the game in all its glory (yeah right) and get back to using 4 clients again… but instead, I was welcomed with buggy behaviour, crashes and all, and nothing about running 4 clients… 3 sluggish, so it was mostly 2.

So, since I can use 2 clients in ubuntu, it made no sense to me to ‘live’ with an O/S I hate, which horrid updates and very buggy behaviour with EVE. In all my years in Linux, I rarely experienced bugs or crashes, and even the dreaded Socket Closed was very rare to see.

I would think that support should be given to those that pay with $$$, not ruled by an O/S that is very flawed like Windows.

So, after the week, and right before the 32gb update… I wiped the SSD and got back into Ubuntu Mate, this time with 18.04.2 and the Padoka drivers and since Im Amd… the Radeon Profile to control GPU temps and monitor things.

Im back with an O/S that I love, which is very stable and very rarely if ever gets a bug. I only wish you guys fixed the cpu usage problem, its still very high, but other than that, its pretty stable on this end too.

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