Switching to Linux, what do I do now with Eve?

Is my only option to give up subscribing to Eve to stay on Linux? (that is an option I am prepared to do) I don’t want to have Windows any more.

Also read about companies banning Linux players, so I am not prepared to take that risk with subscribing and being punished for using Linux.

What can I do?

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Install Windows -> Install EVE. Fixed.


Not going to happen.


I have been playing Eve on Linux for many months. Have not had any issues, also have not been banned. You should be fine.

You can see other reports for how well folks have been able to get Eve to work on Linux on the ProtonDB site.


Why not?

does geforce now run on Linux?

Is there an OFFICIAL position by CCP on Linux subscribers?

I do not want to pay and pray on luck.

If it works, and officially supported (as in no bans for Linux), then I can continue, if not, not going to happen.

Because I say so.

Ah, some dodgy reason then. Gotcha.

and that is why there is the risk, no, I simply just want rid of Windows, not going to use it any more.

If that is the attitude, I will stop subbing once I migrate to Linux

They don’t officially support Linux users. Just saw a topic where they have updated the launcher

can you please link the official CCP Policy on Linux subscribers?

Why not go to the Linux part of the forums ?

Missed it, well, can you point me to the part in the ToS regarding Linux subscribers?

The risk is because it’s a windows application. I think there’s a CCP dev building an unofficial linux launcher on the side so I imagine from CCPs persepective it’s OK.

But Linux desktop users are all werid, so you’ll probably end up doing something that gets you banned.

I just want reassurances from the ToS that It is fine.

I don’t have sources off the top of my head, but I’m sure you could google it.

From what I remember I believe they stated that it will not be officially supported, but it is also not against the TOS.

I really think you will be fine though. I have never once been banned from a game for playing on a Linux box, and several of my buddies have been playing Eve specifically for years without needing “a talk” with CCP.

Bill Gates alt identified.


Maybe a forum moderator can help point out the ToS that states Linux gaming is fine.

There are no such reassurances. As I understand it it’s neither against nor explicity allowed by the TOS but I’m not aware of anyone being banned just for running EVE on Linux.

:rofl: :rofl: I just don’t get the strange rejection of the OS going hand in hand with the desire to run applications designed for it. If you’re going to run windows games, using windows seems like the best option. If you swap to Linux you get to play Angband and that’s it.

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