Switching to Linux, what do I do now with Eve?

if there is no official stance that it is ok on Linux gaming then I won’t be risking a sub

OK cool.
I can has your stuff now?

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Nope, it can rot in the station

Not expecting for them to support the client as in technical support, just support in the sense that it is OK TO USE LINUX officially if you wish.

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Nice, would be far nicer if it was explicitly stated in the ToS and EULA or whatever terms text.

https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=482663 @CCP_Snorlax

The EVE Launcher is now available for Linux. Note that this does in no way suggest that CCP is officially supporting Linux - this is just something I’ve been working on as a side project, and basically comes out of the work I’ve done for adding Wine support to the launcher for Mac.

This launcher is a native Linux application that downloads a version of Wine built by me, from the same source as the Wine version running on the Mac.

As we don’t officially support Linux the test coverage is rather poor. I have an Ubuntu machine on my desk, and CCP Maxwell one on his. We’ve had some brave volunteers try this out and the results have been promising - we’ve had positive reports from players on Arch and Debian as well as Ubuntu.

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If the OP puts in the same amount of effort into getting Linux going as he puts into doing some basic forum fu and checking the Linux sub forum I expect he’ll be back on windows ASAP.


I think pretty much anyone can install Ubuntu these days.

At least for Ubuntu and Nvidia it is easy:

  1. Make sure you are using non-free Nvidia drivers
  2. Install most recent Wine Version from WineHQ
  3. Download EVE start the installer
  4. Play EVE

Maybe step 2 is now obsolete with most recent Ubuntu release.

Final notice: on old Hardware you can improve EVE performance significantly by forcing in the EVE launcher usage of DX9.

The OP has to be a troll - Eve and Linux work perfectly well together, as the most cursory Google search or search of these forums would have shown him had he bothered to look.


You are allowed to try to run EVE on whatever OS you want, just don’t expect CCP to help you when you are voluntarily trying out a nonrecommended OS. And if losing a 1 month subscription so much frightens you to death, then try it as an alpha sub?
NVIDIA GPU"s are supported on Linux, so at least go that direction.

If you have the game on Steam, EvE is absolutely supported on Linux.

You just have a few manipulations to do in your Steam launcher.

I don’t have them in mind right now, but I used to play on my Laptop, which run on Ubuntu, when I didn’t have my gaming computer available for a few days for professional reasons.

It was a few months ago, that’s why I don’t remember exactly, but if you need it I probably can go and check.

… besides, where the ■■■■ did you already saw a game banning people for playing on Linux?

That’s just not a thing. Well I hope so.

Probably should be :rofl:


I just want reassurances in the EULA / TOS that it is ok to use Linux, I searched the term “Linux” and it returned ZERO RESULTS.

That does not reassure me, that is what matters, not what is written in forums.

If you search “atomic bomb” on the EULA you won’t find it either. I hope that doesn’t scare you too much.

And if you don’t care about what is written in forums, why are you asking here? You think any of us can modify the EULA?

There isn’t a specific entry in the EULA that says whether or not it’s legal to run EVE on Linux.

However, there are CCP employees that play on Linux exclusively. Namely @CCP_Bartender, who maintains the currently working (but still unofficial) linux version. Many of them play on Linux. Hundreds of players do. You will not be banned for this.

There is literally a section on these OFFICIAL forums for Linux. I don’t see how this isn’t good enough for you.


Now you know what it is like to want.

It’s not there. You think CCP is going to get their lawyers to work on a change if you keep demanding it?

You do not have the aptitude or attitude to be successful on anything but iOS :rofl: