I am running Pop! OS 19.04 and EVE seems to run perfectly the Steam version and Proton, without any fixes. Much better than even the LTS releases of Ubuntu, and in some ways quicker than a native installation. I envisage Proton having better support for a 64-bit DX12 client when it’s released.

One of the only annoying things is EVEMon running on .NET and there not being a viable alternative with GTKEVEMon being dead at this point. I tried running EVEMon in WINE, with .NET 4.6.1 installed. I can create a blank character and read skillplans and do everything that you can do offline but get an HttpListenerException if I try to connect to ESI. The WINE AppDB info is years old and I doubt it is useful given the XML API is dead.

Has anyone had any luck getting .NET to accept HTTP requests from ESI? It would be great if the same functionality in Windows could be achieved on WINE.

Thanks in advance!

I just wanna say I would be interested in that as well. So far I couldn’t even get EVEMon to start under WINE at all, it just crashes when trying to load it.

Alternatively, someone could pick up gtkEVEMon and update it to work with the new API…

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