EVE Portal Discontinued


As users of the EVE Portal app have noticed and pointed out in recent months the reliability of the app has been steadily declining. When problems arose, we deployed fixes which proved to be only temporary as new issues manifested. After a thorough technical review, we have concluded that the EVE Portal app does not have a robust enough foundation for its ongoing maintenance or further development.

After careful consideration, we have decided that the prudent course of action is to deprecate the app, effective immediately. Support for EVE Portal has now officially ceased, we have started the process of shutting down the technical infrastructure and the app is being removed from the app stores.

We know that many players appreciated the convenience the app provided, allowing them to manage their characters, skill queues and EVE mail from their mobile devices, and so this is disappointing news. We share your disappointment and would like to extend our thanks to everyone who used the app.

The decision to sunset EVE Portal is not an easy one but having worked hard to fix ongoing issues without success, we are confident that it is the correct one.

Thank you and fly safe.


I’d rather you spend time on vanguard and awakening than on maintaining a phone app but i’d rather devs once again talked to players on these forums about current/future features than anything else


We need a phone app. You need a team on this ffs. It is 2023 not 2003.


I keep typing sentences to respond to this, but they alwats come out rather hostile. I guess the real talk here is hinting that the app situation will have an update, its being worked on then to announce on Thanksgiving that its being shut down isnt a great way to go about this.

The wording sounds kinda like “We looked into it after months of it being broken, determined it was too much to mess with, canceled as a result.” Just something about it really sours me.

Regardless, thank you for the app while we had it. Quickly became my go-to Eve app. Anyone know of an Eve app thats currently being maintained??


Welp I knew this was going to happen. No secret the app performed horribly. I like the honesty here.



The portal phone app I feel that the font or text size was just too small to read without glasses if

Evenova works for me as a replacement to eveportal.


I really hope there will be a better and improved app releasing at some point… as this was a REALLy useful way to stay connected to eve when away from the computer; which would be something really handy to have when Vanguard releases as well.

I hope this does not go the way of walking in statio… err I mean the dodo. I think the playerbase much rather have a working app than a blockchain powered mobile strategy game or NFTs of their portraits.


evanova still work and supported, for those who need an application on their phone


Fixed that for you!


Why do we ‘need’ a phone app though?

I can talk to my alliance and keep up with the latest news about the game on my phone, but if I wanted to play the game I’d need my PC anyway, since this is a PC game. What’s the added value of a phone app?

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Will there be a replacement app?


Well to be fair.

The app was only useful for updating skills Q and responding to EVEmails anyway.

Well depends on the platform, iOS doesn’t really have many good options unfortunately. There’s Neocom 2 which isn’t updated anymore, but the basic functions like checking market/contracts/wallet/skills/PI/etc. still work. Half of the other functions are permanently broken.

Was about time that CCP dumps this abandonware. :+1:

CCP never took this thing seriously and only annoyed actually invested EVE companion app developers with this half-baked bloatware. :unamused:


And again, a lot of fine words from the PR dictionary, designed to soften the overtones of the fact that, lo and behold, another CCP-signed project related to EVE Online has just fallen through.

Such a pity.

Let’s just hope I won’t read a similar announcement about Vangauard next year.


2023 people, it isn’t the spaghetti code of EVE that is the issue it’s that when you have literally 2 and a half developers to run everything, nothing will be run…
Make sure to subscribe for the month with the new fixed price and the 2.5bil the Plex has gotten itself to.

We rely to 3rd party tools to do the job that it feels like Howard is secretly running this company…Yes the Bethesda one…

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Can the plex / omega gift log be added somewhere else? Eve Portal has been the only place these can be seen… its not in game, not on the account site… just on the mobile app


I mean they were pretty point blank about it. For example:


After that

Pretty blunt yet professional.

Paragraph Comprehension skills are quite important in RL. This passes my smell test.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on EVE Anywhere and now EVE Portal. RIP.


We need an app to add/swap skills in the skill queue and read mails. It doesn’t need to be fancy, it doesn’t need to be able to buy or trade plex or any other silliness. It’s just not possible for this to be… impossible.