EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th

As part of our roadmap to overhaul the web presence of EVE Online, we’ve come to the decision to retire EVE Gate as we move to fully replace the forum and community engagement software that we use.

After the discovery of a critical issue with EVE Gate last week, we’ve decided to bring forward the retirement of EVE Gate to close a vulnerability, rather than invest further time on fixing the issue that could be better spent working to improve out websites in other areas.

On Wednesday (September 27th), EVE Gate will be retired.

This will of course mean that the web based EVEmail access that EVE Gate provides will also be retired on Wednesday, however we are investigating alternative solutions for providing EVEmail access outside the EVE Online client, as we’re aware of how important this access is to the Community.

As part of the retirement of EVE Gate, significant efforts have been put into ensuring that EVE Portal, the mobile app for EVE Online, will be a reliable alternative for out of game EVEmail access going forward.

We’re aware that some pilots have been experiencing issues using EVE Portal, and we hope that these issues have now been resolved so that character status and EVEmail is accessible on your mobile device.

In addition to this, in the coming months we’ll be speaking with the EVE Community and the Council of Stellar Management to prioritize expansion of EVE Portal into a wider ranging companion app for EVE Online, so stay tuned for further information.

For those of you who’re still experiencing issues with EVE Portal, you can discuss problems you’re encountering in this thread over on the Issues & Workarounds forum section.


Dark Times


Argh, really? I use it a lot! sigh


Start developing EvE Portal, currently apart from mail and skills checkup there is nothing in it. Ghost fitting would be splendid.



Was a great and simple tool



Please prioritize getting contact management and evemail access back. The forums could use an overhaul anyway, but since you guys canned the in-game browser, I know no other way to do bulk contact management across characters.


Yeah that app desperately needs attention. It’s crapping out on the weirdest things, and never consistently.




First break things, then retire the workaround, then think of a replacement… !!CCP!! work flow at its finest.

Maybe you could just open Discourshit’s native messaging system? Huh? And enable the option to block players as a tool against PM harassing?


EVE portal is a poor substitute for EVEgate. I sincerely hope you guys look at integrating in game mails into the web for us to easily access and reply to without loading the game client?

Where’s the downvote button?


Kinda sucks. I used it so I didnt have to log in to answer mails.


I sincerely hope a replacement will be made for replying to mails without having to go in game.

Some of us can’t always log in game and only have this as an access to reading/replying to mails.

Please tell us there’s a replacement coming…

EDIT: A replacement that’s NOT a mobile app.


I’d like to say that the lack of a proper eve-mail service and the inability to message people on these forums is killing the engagement on this game. This is compounded with an “Official” app that is riddled with problems.

Many players play this passively, offline, in their own way. Especially people who play the market. This slow transition from the old forums to this new design has been polarizing for the community but simply taken the wind out of the sails of many players who used the forums as an avenue to enjoy the game without having to be on.


It’s always dark before dawn.

I’ve actually developed an eve-mail IOS & Android app to manage multiple characters, with push notifications and all that. Don’t worry, it’s not shoddy, super clean and simple, I’ll release it to everyone in next day or so.


Well, if I’m awake before dawn, I turn the light on

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If you treat the app as some sort of mini gambling thing it’s slightly less frustrating. Rather than saying “I think I’ll open the app and check my mails” think to yourself “I wonder if I can get the app to fetch my mails today”


Email access is by far the greatest impact from this. All effort should be made to provide a replacement website replacing this functionality. With the track record of the existing mobile app, I fear you will not have much excitement for future mobile app efforts until you can get that working consistently.


Nothing is more aneurysm inducing then getting it to load when you don’t care about the evemail you got and not getting it to load when you desperately need to reply to the email that was sent to you

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This… :smiley:

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