EVE Gate Shutdown – Wednesday September 27th



I am not encouraged by this news.

  • We’re shutting it down
  • We have no replacement
  • Use some mobile app (no thanks I have OLD eyes and prefer a PC)

I have doubts we’ll see a viable replacement soon…if ever



Don’t worry, when your old eyes are completely broken we’ll start working on a replacement, until that time please use this handy app.


Can I use that to walk around my pilots quarters?


@CCP_Falcon so, no more community portal, ok I can live with that, just a question about all that information that we can see on the menus, is it going to be migrated to eveonline.com ? (dev blogs, patch notes, news channels, csm, all the support sub-menu)

EDIT: just realized that probably the only thing that is going to be removed is the email

We’re actually in the process of a sizable website overhaul for the community portal, which will launch early next year (hopefully) to supplement the new forums. Lots of this information will be hosted there!




I gave the forum overhaul a shot, and thought it was a small downgrade at first, but now the ‘god feature’ of the old forums, access to EVEmail out of game, is gone without a workaround.

This is on top of the removal of any functioning navigation through long threads. I still can’t even find a way to (on mobile) view the first post in a threadnaught, and the interface to do so on PC is worse than it used to be.

Are you seriously trying to push all player community engagement over to the subreddit? That place is toxic and I really don’t think encouraging people to go there is in CCP’s interests at all. With all the witchhunting there, I am not willing to post on the subreddit in any fashion that could be linked to my in-game characters, which basically means not posting much at all.


What about all those of us that do not use mass surveillance devices?


Does that include mail access?

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Are these efforts in the current version? (EDIT: reinstalled - seems to work today… hope that will last.)

If so, since when? It’s not worked for many (most? nearly all?) of us for months. I reinstall it periodically just to check, but it’s been 2-3 weeks since I tried it last time.

If not, great - I’ll look forward to finally having a functional app.


Typing evemails on a phone is no substitute for typing them on a real computer.

It can be done as a last resort but is unpleasant.

Signed - one of thousands of players that can log into the EVE websites at work but wouldn’t consider installing the client there


If you want to restrict yourself from living in the 21st century by not having a phone that’s capable of accessing the internet, then that’s your call.

Log into the EVE client if you want to send mail in that case. :thinking:


Integrate it with forums.


I wouldn’t call giving up any and all privacy “living”. Have you read George Orwell’s 1984? It’s a good read. A glimpse into the very near future. Most of it is already happening, just in a more subtle way.


Do you have an application for Symbian? I am using that with a very good, 21 century phone and I even have web access.

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To be fair not everyone grew up staring at the phone screen, so there will be people starting to hate having only access through the phone because they can type more comfortably and faster to all the people that they need on a computer where on the phone they find themselves make lots of typos, like instead of pressing space they press B (that’s me all the time)

Being on the computer also helps at work give you a more professional look by typing on the computer rather than staring at the phone.

Still, hope it comes sooner than later!


Wow that’s obtuse.


That would be really great news… If it weren’t for the fact that the app you made is garbage and doesn’t actually work.


You do realize you are appearing to advocate the degradation of your veteran players eyesight? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


CQ has also been removed. Sorry.

For those of us that don’t have access to the client for significant parts of the day, this is disappointing. But I am not surprised to see it going away, especially now that a “critical” vulnerability has been discovered.