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It’s been quite a while since the EvE portal was shut down to external email, ie that you can no longer login and send your buddies a mail though a web browser

I know a lot of functionality was taken over by the eve app but the app has a habit of being some what cranky to say the least and to date i still haven’t found a way to send a corp mail

Before you just typed ‘corp’ into the recipients line on the web portal (also ingame) and it happily sent the mail to the corp

We was assured that the portals removal was ‘temporary’, so when is it going to be back?



Thing is, the EVE gate mail thing only existed because there was no other way, the API now allows you to send mails so its possible for anyone to create a replacement for it, any user with basic coding skills can make something basic and there are public options

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EVE Gate was shut down due to several critical security issues that we wanted to protect our players from.

At this stage, there’s no replacement service in place, but as we roll out changes to the community website, I’m hoping that we can factor in an EVEmail page :slight_smile:

No guarantees, and nothing to announce at this stage, but this has been raised with our web team.

Also, to those who’s posts I’ve removed - Don’t make personal attacks against members of our development staff, it’s not cool and it’ll end up getting you banned.



I didn’t even say anything bad why was mine removed >.>

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The forums do this handy thing when they clip posts that are replies to things that are removed.

Will restore that post for you :wink:

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“Offline” eve-mail access helps promote “player engagement” AND it is useful to some CCP employees. Two reasons I remain hopeful.

(I have used Fuzzwork’s implementation: thanks Steve!)

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Just for those who may not be aware what you are talking about but would benefit from a third-party web based EVEmail client:


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Ahhh that makes sense, i was rather confused for a moment lol

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When out of game I use this to access EVEmail messages:


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